How To: Make Cranberry Jam

How to make cranberry jam recipe

If you have NEVER made jam before this is child’s play.

I normally buy my cranberries in the New Year, when they are half price, freeze them and store them all year, making jam as I go….eat, make jam, rave, repeat…if you will…

Cranberries are high in pectin (the stuff that makes jam set) so this jam doesn’t need special jam sugar. Don’t let folk tell you otherwise….and scare you with their ‘special jam sugar’ talk.

You will need an amount of cranberries….then weigh out the same amount of sugar, regular ‘pop in your tea’ sugar is fine. Then combine in a large pan, stirring constantly over a low heat until all the cranberries pop, it boils and then thickens.

How to make cranberry jam recipe

Pour into sterilised jars (ones JUST out of the hot dishwasher cycle or that have been popped in a 100C oven for 15 minutes) and screw the lids on whilst warm.


Jam is honestly that easy to make.

Some recipes will call for a splash of lemon juice to ‘allow the scum to rise to the surface’…I personally don’t do this…mainly because I wash my fruit beforehand and have never found cranberries particularly scummy…and mine has always turned out ok!

I use cranberry jam (and cranberry sauce for that matter) in Victoria Sponges, as I find the sharp tang of the cranberries override the super sickly sweet taste of buttercream icing.

Have you made jam before? Why not?!



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