Things what I made…

I hoard fabric like you wouldn’t believe…. honestly…nothing makes me happier than fabric…. ok….maybe wool….but they share the same possibilities of what it might become. Fabric can become anything….absolutely anything…except maybe a functional boat… and I love having all those options available.

I have heavily focussed on crochet for a long time now, and I felt my sewing machine glaring at me from under my desk, so I took it out and gave it some love….and this is what I made…

Oh my Deer purse Wildwood Foxes purse Purse The Fox, The Owl & The Hare

I absolutely adore thse little purses, and I have currently only made a few in each batch…I only made two in the Deer fabric!

You can buy them over in my shop and on my Facebook page.

What have you been making recently?



2 responses to “Things what I made…

  1. you made this yourself?
    wow, beautiful

  2. I love the one in the foxy fabric! Wish I could sew better, but I need to find somewhere for my machine and get it serviced before I can even attempt using it again

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