Currently…in January

Dad & Us at Beach wedding prep memoriesI felt the need to reshare this ridiculously smiley family photo of my father, my brother and I, as it puts a massive smile on my face. Please check out the family grin….and my to cool for school denim and leggings look.

Obsessing over: Chickens! My first two girls arrive next Saturday and all I can do is talk about ruddy chickens. The chicken keeping community online have been so very lovely and welcoming! There is even a #chickenhour on twitter on a Tuesday night!

Working on: Loads of new bits and bobs for the shop. The husband is keeping a tight rein over my ‘just an hour a night’ rule and is being very strict and grumpy if I run over. My favourite new things have to be my purses and my gorgeous new toadstool keyrings!

Toadstool crochet keyring

Thinking about: new beginnings. Last week I handed my notice in at work due to a whole heap of stuff linking back to why I went off sick in December and the fact that it hadn’t improved (in fact it got worse!).

I was instantly offered a job on the care side of the unit (I currently work in the education dept), which means I will be going part-time AND earning what I was doing full-time. Sometimes things happen for a reason….

Watching:  The Good Life. I have been banging on for ages how my life is like this amazing TV show, but I had never before last week sat down and watched any of it. I love it! I am actually upset that there are only 4 seasons with 6 episodes each. It has brought on a nostalgia for TV made in that era though…perhaps ‘Allo ‘Allo, dad’s Army and Fawlty Towers are due a rewatch.

Listening to:  Radio 4. Bloody hell….I  have turned into one of THOSE people… actually there is a lot of very funny comedy on Radio 4 and Radio 4 extra, which tickles me greatly when I am prepping dinner or sewing. It is defintely a channel you need to read the listings for though so you can catch the series of a radio play!

Eating: stuff what my husband cooks. As part of my ‘stressing out less’ regime, P now cooks 2-3 times a week, meaning I can do other things, like tutoring and going to yoga. I think he may be remembering how to use the kitchen….golly I have spoiled him haven’t I?

Hope you are all having a fantabulous week!



5 responses to “Currently…in January

  1. Glad you’re finding time to be creative and P is cooking you some good dinners. T cooks all of our dinners, because he genuinely loves cooking. I’m his official Sous Chef but don’t have to get involved if I don’t feel like it. I am BEYOND spoilt, and the luckiest girl in the world!

    I can’t believe you’ve only just watched the Good Life, but I’m jealous of all the “new” TV you’ll get to see for the first time. I can recommend Ever Decreasing Circles and Dinner Ladies for your future vintage TV watching pleasure. xxx

  2. It seems you are turning into me! I discovered radio 4 about 25 years ago and am now addicted to the Archers. Also I adore my chickens which I have had for 2 years almost and am looking forward to 3 more in early Spring. And what’s not to love about the Good Life?!

  3. Glad to hear you are doing lots of stuff to destess, well done on the job change, Id love to work part time and have time to do lots of other stuff, and keeping the same wage – good one pidgey! :o)

  4. What a super family picture! You haven’t changed a bit hehe! It sounds as thought the new job is what you need and pleased to hear P is taking care of you. Stay happy x

  5. Radio 4 is more often than not, quite cool! I’ll well aware that it’s probably a sign both me and the other half have got old but who cares, if we both enjoy it then I think that’s fine 🙂
    And yay, good luck with the new job! 🙂 x

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