Here come the girls!


So we have chickens now!

I know…… chickens will not complete me…but these two girls are pretty awesome.

They are young ladies…also known as pullets, so they should start laying in a few weeks. We are so excited to get fresh eggs! When they are in full lay we should get 12 eggs a week! That’s three cakes worth! I am truly hoping that in the summer we will really slash our food bills through growing our own and having our own eggs.

1495405_10153732780870524_2115028981_oThey already have such personalities. Miss Moneypenny (the brunette) is the more flight and unsure, where as Pussy Galore (the redhead) is a lot more confident and is already learnt that me coming to the coop means food!

Now…if we could only stop Chekhov lunging at the coop and run whenever he gets anywhere near it we’d be laughing….





2 responses to “Here come the girls!

  1. They’re a pair of stunners; roll on self-sufficiency 🙂
    P.S. Ever Decreasing Circles is actually running at the moment on BBC4

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