How To: Keep an eye on your car costs

I love my Iphone…it’s shiny….and it has apps… lots of apps that are distracting and social….and some of them even help me keep tabs on my money. One even helps me keep an eye on the biggest money guzzler that we own….our car.

We have used this app for a while on and off, and in 2014 I plan for it to be an ‘on’ year as we have house renovating plans that will need every spare penny we can pinch.

Road Trip Lite

Road Trip Lite • MPG and Mileage Tracking

Road Trip Lite is a fab little app that tracks your car’s mileage and fuel economy. I use it to see how much our car is really costing us in petrol….which in turn reminds me to get the pushbike out of the garage once in a while.

Once you have entered the data it gives you a nifty little graph, as well as your average MPG and how much you are paying in petrol per mile.

I know…I’m so nerdy it hurts.

iPhone Screenshot 1
Knowing what a mile costs us per tank is actually quite helpful…..despite the geek factor….especially if you use your car for business purposes as well as personal use and you want to whack it on your tax return.
It has also been really helpful to log WHEN we have filled up. I can see that roughly, when we don’t road trip to my parents, I only fill up the car every fortnight. This is great for us to know for budgeting petrol into our monthly kitty.
I’m pretty sure P only likes it because it is super nerdy…and there are graphs.
I like it because it involves me doing no maths…. WIN!
Road Trip Lite is free…and I have not be sponsored to do this post in any way… I just use it and thought that it might be helpful for others!
What is your best budget-y app? I’d love to find some more!

One response to “How To: Keep an eye on your car costs

  1. Thanks, I think I could use this app in my life!

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