5 ways to get up and out quicker in the mornings

Is it just me that struggles to get out of the door in the morning when the sun isn’t streaming through the curtains? No? Thank goodness for that….

I have had to seriously streamline my mornings, else it can take hours to drag my carcass out of the door and get on the road to work when I’m on an early shift. I don’t particularly like getting up and out, so I try to stay in bed as long as I can as a reward for the full on drill I run to get out of the door. 10 more minutes is worth it!

1: Put your phone in your bag

Now I do this after my alarm goes off in the morning (because I use it as my alarm)…if I don’t, I check Twitter…or play Candy Crush…or look at Instagram….or Facebook…or check emails… anything that generally doesn’t involve me gtting out from under my duvet.

2: Prep your clothes

Like I said in this post…I have all my clothes ready for the week on Sunday night so I don’t have that ‘urgh I don’t wear a uniform’  dither. This saves me about 30 minutes every morning…

how to make wardrobe outift tags

3: Shower the night before

I mean…really…how dirty can you get sleeping in your bed? I used to have a problem with my hair, because if Islept on it wet it ended up being CRAZY and ON MY FACE. Now I sleep with it in two buns on the top of my head ala Minnie Mouse and I have lovely waves in the morning. Also I find having a shower before bed helps me drift off feeling all relaxed before bed.

4: Prepare all your food

Lay the breakfast table….even having your spoon and glasses out ready saves time. Prep the kettle and your morning mug (I only boil the exact amount of water I need for my cup of tea because it means it boils quicker) or your coffee maker. Prep your lunch (if you take it…as you should because it is WAY cheaper!)

5 ways to get out of the house in the morning

5: Don’t snooze!

I have never understood having a snooze button… I mean I don’t want to wake up before I actually have to drag my carcass off my mattress…

If you hit snooze, you are more likely to hit it one too many times and be late! Refuse to snooze!


What slows you down in the morning?



2 responses to “5 ways to get up and out quicker in the mornings

  1. I love the clothes prep idea cause thats what normally delays me sorting myself out. Unfortunately I dont think I could give up my snooze button lol. I used to leave a small crease of my curtain open thats directly in my line of fire so it would bug me until I got up 🙂

  2. I love your tips! Especially putting the phone in the bag! I normally use my phone as alarm, but I definitely see how going on my SM in the am steals away the precious minutes. I often think of what I want to wear to work, and plan an outfit in my head, which definitely helps as well. And I always shower at night, unless it’s the weekend 🙂

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