Things what made me happy this weekend

Eurgh….it’s Monday…..

My general response to Sunday being over and gone is I guess, now destitute as I begin shift work as of this afternoon, which means that even my weekends are no longer safe from work. It does mean that I should have a bit more time to blog and create stock for the business, which is really what I want to focus my spare time on into building into a bigger business.

Anyway…on with the post…I’m rambling… these are some things that made me grin this weekend.

Things that mde m ehappy this weekend sleeping bag suit

We went to Camping World this weekend (because that is how cool we are kids…) and after getting overly excited about trailer tents…honestly some of them were nicer than hotel rooms I have stayed in…I saw THIS beautie. Onesies have NOTHING on this….

Things that mde m ehappy this weekend fresh eggs

We ate our first home laid eggs for breakfast. The yolks were seriously bright and yummy. Yay for chickens and slowly becoming more self suffcient…ish…

Things that mde m ehappy this weekend mincemeat and apple crumble

I also made an EPIC crumble this weekend using apples from the MIL’s apple tree that I froze last autumn and half a jar of mincemeat I had lurking in the pantry. It is honestly THE best tasting crumble I have ever had….even if I do say so myself. May pop up the recipe when I make it again….as I have finished it for breakfast…

I love using free food to create something fabulous. If you didn’t forage for blackberries last autumn, you are seriously missing a trick. I am still using frozen ones in cupcakes!

Things that mde m ehappy this weekend my dried wedding bouquet

I hung my bouquet to dry after we got married and I can’t hep but grin everytime I pass it on the mantelpiece. I can’t believe how vivid the colours still are after drying! Also I am VERY excited about using the hobbycraft giftcard on my mantel…it was my leaving present from my manager and I am planning to use it to bolster all my craft supplies. I guess I’ll have to do a haul when I go!

Things that mde m ehappy this weekend butterflies

Finally, I spotted this little ripper on our dog walk yesterday. Butterflies mean that spring is finally on it’s way and hopefully all this ruddy rain will be over soon!

What made you smile this weekend?



3 responses to “Things what made me happy this weekend

  1. Ooh looks like a nice weekend filled with the simple things. Crumble sounds delish!

    This weekend I got out on my new bike and the sun came out. Was grinning like an idiot.

  2. Drying your bouquet is a GENIUS idea. I’m going to send this to both my friends who are getting married this year and tell them they need to do it too. xxx

  3. The yolks of fresh eggs are the best: bright yellow scrambled eggs and bright sponge takes!

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