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building a crochet bunny hexie paper piece quilt WIP Self suffciency book acne free skin proud! First home laid egg chickens helping in the geenhouse free range homemade blackberry cakes pointer collie cross cuteness

1 – Putting together each of these little guys is so much fun, because each one has such personality.

2 – I started my first purely personal project for a long time. The lat time I made something for us was when I made some cushion covers out of old curtains. This is going to be something I am working on for a long old time hopefully. If you haven’t paper pieced before, it is really easy and enjoyable. There are loads of tutorials online of how to start. I can’t wait to show you my progress!

3 – This book has sparked some serious plans for our very own teeny garden small holding. I am full of ideas of growing our own fruit and veg this year…I keep looking at my flower borders thinking ‘what a waste!’.

4- I am so proud of myself for the recent health of my skin. My skin is prone to cystic acne and I have recently been managing to wear the thinnest layer of foundation which is possibly the least mount of make up I have worn publicly for a long time. I have taken fish oil tablets to help with this, and upping my protein intake, as well as being kinder to my skin in general.

5 – The girls have started laying! We have pretty much had an egg every day this week, which makes me think that Moneypenny has been laying. Pussy Galore doesn’t seem to be mature enough yet (her comb isn’t red and sticky up enough yet!), but hopefully in a week or so we should be getting two eggs a day.

6- The girls have enjoyed free-ranging when Chekhov is out on his walk. He is getting so much better with them. We are using positive reinforcement with him….leave the chickens alone and I’ll feed you biscuits…now if I could only use the same tactics on the husband and hoovering!

7- I baked these little beauties and chucked in some frozen foraged fruit that we gathered last year. I have experimented with blackberries, apple and blueberries so far. The basic recipe is here and I have chucked in a handful of berries or small apple pieces. Try them! They are lush!

8 – Chekhov had his 1 year adoptavesary on Valetine’s Day this year…. we do don’t Valentine’s in our house so we celbrated by taking a big walk and playing lots of games with him on my day off. He has overcome so much since coming to live with us, as he was so terrified of life when we go thim! This monkey is currently laid spread eagle on our bed in the sunshine!



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