What I Wore: Canary and Studs

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I realise I haven’t done a WIW in a loooooong old time….since last summer in fact….mainly because my outfits this winter have consisted of wellies, filthy holey jeans, a thick ratty jumper and my BRIGHT pink coat….you know…dog walking uniform.

But this week, due to having days off in the week now and P taking a week off for funsies, we took a trip out to Ikea….because that is what cool kids do don’t you know… I was on the hunt for a new office chair and seeing as we could stop in Wing Yip on the way and do our annual top up of packet noodles (we buy ’em in by the box!) and sweet chilli sauce, Ikea was a good bet and it didn’t involve mud. WIN!

(Please note the mud up my shin though…I went to check the chickens just before we left…. DAMMIT!)

Jacket – H&M in the sale last year. I bought this baby for £5.

Top – Striped nautical number from Primark about 5 seasons ago. because you know…I am soooo right now…

Jeans – From my new love…Uniqlo. They do ALL their jeans in 33in inside leg which makes me VERY happy. They also do alterations for normal sized people for free.

Bag – River Island last year. I fell in love with this bag whilst looking for a ‘sensible grown up handbag’. It is massive inside and has like a million pockets, whilst looking cool. It satisfys my inner rock chick and my inner Nana.

Boots – Ohhh biker boots…how I love you soooo. These are from Tesco this winter because my previous ones died a death because I wear them to breaking point. I really need to learn to buy 3 pairs of boots I like and then rotate them so they last longer.

Right I’m off to look longingly at boots online….

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2 responses to “What I Wore: Canary and Studs

  1. EXCELLENT outfit. I love all of it; and that jacket looks gorgeous on you! I sadly cannot wear yellow, because my hair is yellow. Your hair is excellent though. I feel like we need to form a rock band, mostly because we both have such awesome rock-chic tresses. Whaddaya think? xxx

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