How To: Preserve your bouquet after you wed

Bride and Groom big fat pigeon wedding

So you’ve paid for or had someone kindly create you a gorgeous fresh flower bouquet for your wedding….check.

You’ve decided not to chuck it across the room at your reception at your single female friends who do not need or want their singleness highlighted…. check.

You want to keep it to look at for years to come…ahhhh……you’ve come to the right place.

I kept mine in water on my mantelpiece for nearly 3 weeks before I decided to dry it to keep as a keepsake. I loved looking at it each day as I settled into married life and decided that even though this is no longer the 90’s (did anyone else Mum have LOADS of dried flowers in their house? Just me?) a dried wedding bouquet is something special.

I hung it upside down in our home office on the end of a curtain pole for a fortnight, where it naturally dried out. It may take an extra week if you have a monster bouquet and you’ve trained for weeks to be able to lift the thing.

Things that mde m ehappy this weekend my dried wedding bouquet

You can see that some of the colours have changed, but I don’t love it any less!

I hope this has been helpful for those interested ladies who emailed me last week…especially to see the before and after piccies.

Big love!



One response to “How To: Preserve your bouquet after you wed

  1. I also still have mine, my bridesmaid was given instructions by my M-i-L on what to do with it, forgot about it, and they naturally dried out on their own! It now sits in a box though, as I packed it away carefully when we moved to California, and now I don’t have anywhere to put it that is safe from kitty attack!

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