Thrifty Find: Skip-dived crockery

Thrifty Find header Thrifty find white plates from a skip

Now these lovely plain white plates and bowls weren’t just thrifty….they were free… favourite 4 letter F-word.

Skip fancying is something I do on a regular basis…see here and here… the point of danger where I don’t really concentrate on driving because I am craning my neck to see an old fireguard in a bright yellow container of joy.

I can’t help it….there could be ANYTHING in them. They are metal containers of wonderous joy and excitement…honestly…don’t take me to a salvage yard… won’t end well…

The people round the corner from us have had loads of work done in their house and being a dutiful neighbour I thought it only right that I should help them empty their skip a little. They had a brand new kitchen put in, so had seemingly sprung for some new crockery to match. We only buy white plain crockery as it is easy to match up if something gets broken, so this was a goldmine find for me!

These had a cycle through the dishwasher and where good as new! I love the bowls as they have a good weight do them…I love a bowl with a bit of heft.

If you are going to skip dive, do make sure you knock on the skip owners door and check they don’t mind you having a rummage……most people are only too happy to let someone have the things they don’t want!

So…..found anything good for free lately?

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One response to “Thrifty Find: Skip-dived crockery

  1. That is an excellent find! Sadly I see very few skips round here. I did find some good free stuff at work this week though – xxx

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