Reloved Magazine

If you are a regular reader, you may have noticed I have a thing about not throwing anything useful away. I don’t want to come out as a complete ‘hoarder-next-door’, because we can still see carpet in all of our rooms, but unfortunately I have inherited the Pigeon family gene of ‘keep that, it’ll come in handy’.

Thankfully due to also being an organisational fiend and the fact that I have a very forgiving husband, most things get tucked away and not forgotten….unlike the tin of Quality Street Papa Pigeon recently unearthed in his garage….still sealed…best before 2004…. he had forgotten about it and then assumed it was full of useful screws and whatnot. He said they didn’t taste too bad….

My ‘keepings’ range from odds and ends of wool that I transform into reusable cotton pads to toilet roll middles which have a plethora of uses….sometimes however I get a little stuck in thinking what I could do with my 7th pair of old tights….

Enter Reloved magazine.

Reloved upcycling magazine reviewI was bought a copy by a colleague at work before christmas, who had picked up a copy for her daughter-in-law and as she flicked through thought of me at every article. Isn’t she great?

I then tried to pick it up every quarter, but now it’s monthly! Hooray!

It is set out with great flow and it is on matte paper, which for some strange reason I prefer….maybe because it feels like a book rather than a glossy magazine. Reloved is also chock full of great craft projects using scraps and thingummys, and they often have the pattern for them inside too.

I am particularly keen on giving one of these pyramid doorstops a go!

Reloved upcycling magazine review

They also do a little column for great upcycling and crafty blogs, which has been a great way for me to find some of my new favourite bloggers out there.

Reloved upcycling magazine review

It also has a regular column by Kirstie Allsopp…who, as we all know, is one half of my biggest girl crush duo…the other being Nigella Lawson…so as you can imagine I pour over that section with great delight.

They also interview other awesome crafty folks and this month it is Kirstie’s mate Charis Williams, who dives and deals on ‘Fill Your House For Free’. I love Charis’s confidence and charm, so it has been really great to read a bit more about her.

Reloved upcycling magazine review

I also love that Reloved are giving practical tips to those who may not have thought about upcycling before. Some of the projects aren’t really my scene, but the way they explain each project means that you could transfer some of those skills. I loved the make do and mend section about repairing your old clothes…as that is all I seem to be doing this year!

Reloved upcycling magazine review

They are making upcycling relatable and accessible to a younger audience, which I think is really great. The less that goes into landfill (and the less you pay to make your life beautiful) the better, no?

The only downside I have found with Reloved, and many other wonderful magazines on the newstand, is the price. Reloved is £4.99 an issue, which if you were buying it every month without subscription, begins to be a bit pricy for my blood. If you subscribe however you can save up to 35% on the cover cost, which if you like a monthly mag is the best way to go.

Me however, I buy a magazine as a well deserved treat ….with months in between purchases….but I always check that I can get the new issue of Reloved if I am beng treated!

Have you read Reloved? What do you think about it?





5 responses to “Reloved Magazine

  1. Jo aka Kiwijo

    Oooooh, this looks just fabulous. Cant say Ive seen it on the shelves, but now that I know its out there, I shall be keeping my eyes peeled. Thanks for the heads up Pidgey. x

  2. Thanks for the heads up on this magazine. I’d been wondering if it might be worth buying, and now I am keen to try it 🙂

  3. This sounds like a great mag! Kirstie and Nigella are my top two lady crushes too!! I will definitely keep an eye out for this next time I fancy treating myself.
    P.S. Please commend Papa Pigeon for me on his determination not to waste chocolate. Decade schmecade I say, when a green triangle is at stake.

    • Apparently all the toffees turn to fudge and all the fudges turn to toffee….unfortunately the green triangles lose all their flavour and are just hunks of chocolate….and my favourite the orange and strawberry cremes just become solid versions!

  4. I had a quick flick through the mag in Hobbycraft last night, it looks great! But I do struggle with the £4.99 price tag of craft mags as I like so many of them. In an attempt to be green, I have switched to digital versions which is slightly cheaper.

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