Soooo…I had fridge envy….

When we moved into our house, P’s biggest wants were a massive American style fridge freezer with an ice machine and a dishwasher….and being a wonderful wifey person I agreed to them.

Big american fridge freezer in an english kitchenPlease excuse the grainy picture…it was the one I snapped when the massive thing arrived to show the husband that it was in! We luckily had a large enough kitchen to fit it in!

Since getting ‘The Beast’, I have had had some serious organisational fridge envy from our cousins across the pond… especially when it came to little baskets….
Come on now…it can’t just be me that trawls Pinterest looking at fridges right? RIGHT?!

Goodbye, House. Hello, Home! pic of organised fridgeClick image for source

So imagine my absolute delight when I stumbled across VERY similar little baskets in Wilko!

Fridge baskets wilkinson

I only grabbed two to trial them out, but I can say that I love them! (Please excuse our quite empty fridge!)

photo 1(2)

Hooray for having an organised fridge!



3 responses to “Soooo…I had fridge envy….

  1. That is the exact same fridge that I have and I wish my fridge was that organised. You have passed on the fridge envy for sure 🙂

  2. If we had room I would totally get one of those fridge-freezer thingummies. Unfortunately, our kitchen is about the same size as one of those fridge-freezer thingummies. Booo. Lovely baskets, though! xxx

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