How To: clean mug stains with a lemon

How to clean a mug stain with a lemon

If you drink a lot of tea like we do…or if you have a husband who likes to leave about a half-inch of coffee in the bottom of his mug and then leave it on his desk for weeks before bringing it down stairs….then you are likely to have to battle with mug staining.

This…I am aware…is totally a first world problem…but before you bake it on in the dishwasher…oh wait…you already did that? Never mind…thankfully I’m here to save your cups.

All you need is a trusty lemon.

Using a lemon to clean tea coffee stains

Or just some trusty lemon juice…which we buy by the 1.5l bottle for such emergencies…and pancakes.

Just cut your lemon in half and swash it around inside your mug, then leave it to work its magic for a few minutes before cleaning as normal.  For super stubborn stains, give it a little scrub using the lemon and some salt.

if using lemon juice, pop some on a cloth and do the same! (or just pour it in and swash it round…our prefferred method).

Easy peasy lemon squeezey!



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