Currently….. in March

Spring time currently

Obsessing over: New tattoo ideas. I have a few spinning around for my lower calf and I can’t seem to shake them! I am loving the idea of craft based tattoo, seeing as I spend most of my time holding a needle and scissors. There are some marvellous ones on pinterest that have had me wishing I could draw and design my own.  The problem is that once I have an obsession, I can very rarely shake it….

Working on: A whole heap of orders from wonderful buyers. I am so grateful to every single person who buys from me as they put me a step closer to my dream of running this as a full time venture.

Thinking about: how to cram more quilting into my already busy schedule. I am seriously enjoying piecing this beauty together. I have even got my cousin-in-law making hexies for her very own quilt, as well as some of the kids at work creating patchwork pillowshams.

heaxgon quilt update

Watching:  Grimm. Is anybody else completely obsessed with this show? I think the fact that one of the guys who makes it also made Buffy and Angel helps feed my need for fantastical monsters. Also it helps that I have read most of the traditional fairy tales that are quoted at the beginning of each episode. I am only at the end of Season 2, and I NEED to get my hooks into season 3.

Listening to: a lot of country music! I’m really enjoying Nashville and the soundtrack that goes along with it. I’ve been dialling into some Johnny Cash ad Dolly Parton too, but would love some other suggestions from country fans!

Eating: Rice Krispie cakes. Is there honestly anything better? Nope!

Hope you are all having a fantabulous March!



4 responses to “Currently….. in March

  1. I have had grimm on dvd for at least a year and stillll havent watched it, darnit! Desperately want to!

  2. Im a recent quil convert as well, so far have made 3 tops (only finished 1) and am currently working on lap sizsed quilts for the females in the family for xmas (6 of them to make!). It is rather obsessive isnt it?

  3. Ohh that hexie quilt is going to be gorgeous! Love, love, love it and looking forward to seeing the finished item x

  4. I’ve been watching Grimm too and really enjoying it, you’re a bit further ahead than me, though I didn’t realise there was a third series. I love how your quilt is coming on!

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