Repurposing is my favourite!

If you haven’t noticed from reading this blog, I have a slight issue with throwing things away that could be used again….in fact I actively hunt things down that could be used in a different way.

All my kitchen utensils are in a massive Panttone tin, all my wrapping paper lives in a cat basket and all those plastic punnets that mushrooms and veggies come in from the supermarket? Hello flower pots!

I was particularly pleased this week with the kitchen condiment holder that I repurposed from a wooden box I was bought around 6 years ago to grow herbs in. Now I have a garden, my herbs are allowed to free-range, leaving this rather lovely box without a purpose…

Kitchen garden repurposed condiment holder (1)

We like to sprinkle a little something on our plates…P in particular, goes mad for chilli flakes on EVERYTHING!

Kitchen garden repurposed condiment holder (2)Do you like our rabbit salt and pepper grinders? You can just see their little ears poking out!

This also holds coasters and could even hold napkins, if like me you can’t bear to get grease on your hands. It also ensures that little condiment spills stay off our nice table.

Do you have something similar on your table?




One response to “Repurposing is my favourite!

  1. I love that little box, and the pannetone tin for utensils sounds excellent. We condiment/season our meals in the kitchen, so don’t keep anything in the living/dining rooms. However, we do keep the salt and pepper on a little shelf with a tiny ballustrade made of dowel wood, like a teeny balcony; which was in the kitchen when we moved in. Come to think of it, if I moved the salt grinder onto the counter I could re-enact the balcony scene in Romeo and Juliet with it and the pepper. Hmmm…. xxx

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