What I Wore: A bunch of flowers

What I Wore bannerbright floral midi dress boohoo

Being a lanky bird with a long body and legs, I find dresses particularly difficult to find. The cute short ones that I crave, and torture myself with by trying on, show lady parts….and I am not that sort of girl….or at least that one summer I was has past….

I discovered these comfy jersey midi length frocks on Boohoo last year and I ordered a heap for a batch of upcoming weddings I had that summer…..like this one. They feel like I’m wearing a big t-shirt and they are perfect for what I like to call the ‘home dog out dash’, where I race in from work, do an hour dog walk and then throw on an outfit before heading out to dinner. These seem to be happening g a lot recently…but hey…I’m not having to cook so who is complaining?

I love the bright floral of this frock…I know….florals in spring…how original…but I just can’t help it!

What is your go-to throw on outfit?


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2 responses to “What I Wore: A bunch of flowers

  1. Very pretty – perfect for looking a bit more dressed up but feeling oh-so comfy (a la pjs!) 🙂


  2. You look fab! I feel your pain on the bits-flashing dresses. My legs are normal length but my body is sooooo long. I love comfort above everything else when it comes to clothes- especially the huge jumper/t-shirt level of cosiness variety. xxx

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