5 ways with Fir Cones

5 ways to use fir cones pine cones

I can’t help but pick up these little nuggets of nature on every walk with Chekhov and I love using them around our home. Free stuff is awesome don’t you know.


These babies are great for starting a flicker in the grate. They burn really well once dried out and look so much nicer in a basket by the fireplace than a box of firelighters…..and they are free!

Home Decor

You can’t write pine cones into Pinterest without seeing a MILLION ways to use these beauties in your home. I particularly like displaying them in a simple bowl or placed on the matlepiece. You could even spray them for Christmas! I have about 12 big ones in my christmas decorations box which take up position on my mantel every year with baubles and bead gardlands….and glittery stags….you know… the rustic decorations….

Fir-cone-candlesClick image for source

In your flower beds

Rather than using expensive bark to mulch your plants, use collected fir cones. Yeah….it might take you a while….so try to fill a section at a time. I also pop one or two in with my chooks to keep them interested and so they can eat all the bugs!

As place settings

Puhlease….. how cute is this?!

howto5_br_30sep09_bclick image for source

A bit of spray glitter glue and I’m anyones!

Bird feeders

These always look gorgeous hanging in the garden and they attract gorgeous birdies to your garden too. I use this tutorial from Dragonfly Blue.

Are you a fir cone freak too? What do you use yours for?




One response to “5 ways with Fir Cones

  1. Just realised how small the world is… the girl who runs the dragonfly blue blog is my brother’s girlfriend! 🙂

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