A new beginning

I have struggled to post regularly for a while now and although I’ve blamed it on being busy, changing to a shift pattern and not a 9-5, creating like an actual crazy person for The Pigeon’s Nest and trying to stress-free my life by losing a few ‘non-essential’ elements…like cleaning the oven quarterly…I mean who does that? I used to…..but it is truly not required…and it only added to my ‘stress-headedness’…that’s a word right? The fact is that yesterday as I worked over the garden, popping in some runner beans with the chickens clucking away in their run, I realised why I really wasn’t enjoying blogging at the moment, and I started formulating a plan to get myself loving it again.

Relaxing with Chekhov the pooch! Sunshine garden england

I think the reason I haven’t been enjoying blogging is that I have thought about things from your point of view…I mean how dare I! How dare I want to write what you want to read! I’ve been too unsure to do a review on my chicken house…which I LOVE by the way….. and have thought that nobody would care if I did a post on my gorgeous greenhouse furniture….which I am thinking about moving into the house because I love it so much….

The big secret is…..sometimes think I’m too boring to blog. I like car boot sales, crocheting, walking my dog, hunting in charity shops, playing silly games with my friends, growing food and saving money on my water bill……oh you like those things too? Let’s be friends forever!

Chekhov the dog wearing a big bowtie

I was worrying I was meant to be posting fabulous outfits, how-to posts that make people change their lives and pictures of my oh-so-stylish house looking clean and sparkling ALL THE TIME. The fact is, I’m sick of comparing myself and my life to all these fabulous bloggers who do this as a full-time job…I have finally got my head round that my photos will never be perfect, my how-to’s won’t always be photographed step-by-step (I forget!) and my life won’t always seem so darn peachy.

Let’s think of this as a fresh start shall we?



11 responses to “A new beginning

  1. Don’t be perfect just be Pigeon 😀

  2. Oh, Bex – you’re bloody fabulous, chook. I love everything that you’ve listed above, and you definitely need to write whatever you want to write! I read your blog because you’re so damn witty and such a nice person; I don’t care if you’ve posted a perfectly-styled outfit or a chicken house review- I’d read your posts regardless! To be honest, though; I genuinely prefer the latter. Welcome back to the internet! xxxx

  3. I’m glad you’re back. I enjoy readings blogs of nice normal people who work, craft, plant, take care of their dog and their family, and try to save money when they can. Fantastic outfits, fuzzy chickens, gardens – it’s all good.

  4. Jo aka Kiwijo

    Im in total agreement with all of the above,. I can see how you have felt that way you do, Im struggling to blog as well (last updated in Feb). Glad youre back, Ive missed ya. x

  5. As a reader I feel a bit relieved when bloggers don’t have everything perfect and fabulously together. I’d rather read happy, witty, funny posts about crafts and bargains and lovely things that you’re passionate about. Perfect is overrated!

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