House of Jack

As my regular readers will know, I run my very own small business, The Pigeon’s Nest, making whimsical woodland themed gifts and toys…and as much as I love running my small business, what I love more is being part of a really supportive and lovely community of other small business owners. They are a lovely bunch…that is a factoid.

I recently won a giveaway by the wonderful House of Jack, and the fabulous Kat, who runs House of Jack day to day, as well as illustrating and designing her prints,  sent me the most gorgeous print of my choice!

I mean…I was excited before I even opened it…look how gorgeous her labels are!

House of jack address label

I chose this blackboard style Kissing print. Kat personalised it for us, which she does with the majority of her prints, and it now hangs proudly above our staircase.

House of Jack personalised print Kissing

I love it! I have my beady little bird eye on some of her other cool prints too…one for each room isn’t too many is it?

What also endears me is that this shiny small business is run from Grandma Pigeon’s hometown of Goole! Made me grin when I noticed that!

Pop over and see Kat and House Of Jack on Etsy, Facebook and her website.






6 responses to “House of Jack

  1. Congrats on winning the giveaway – awesome print (and no one in each room is not too many!) 😉

  2. LOVE IT! Off to check out the others. xxx

  3. It’s so weird seeing your name, in my brain your name is Shiny Pigeon!

  4. Hello! I’ve just stumbled upon this! What a lovely review! Thankyou Hun 🙂 very much appreciated 🙂 xxx

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