A Day in the Life: The Dream Job

As some of you may or may not know, I work weirdy weirdy shifts in my new job and it means that I have random days off during the week. I use those days to work towards pushing forward the business. I thought I’d share a little day in the life of my dream job…I wish every day was like this!


Day in the life (2)

Argh…I’m awake…even if it is a day off from the real job. Thankfully this guy is normally scrunched up behind my knees and he makes it worth while getting up. yeah, yeah…we are those awful people who let the dog sleep on the bed with us….

My husband also works from home, but he doesn’t normally wake up till 8, so I normally check emails and faff on social media from my iPhone for a while till I can sneak away without waking them.


Day in the life (6)

I start garden pottering pretty early by collecting the eggs and doing a bit of absent minding weeding, throwing them to the chooks. Sometimes the neighbours even experience me doing this in my jammies…because you know…Wellies and jammies are totally going to be in next season.

Miss Moneypenny tends to lay quite late in the morning so I tend to pop down and collect hers after lunch…lazy mare.

If Mr Pigeon is doing the morning walk with Chekhov, I’ll let the girls free range in the garden whilst the boys are out and I’ll potter about with them clucking all over the garden….them clucking…..not me…that would be weird.



Breakfast time. If you haven’t experienced a Lidl Pain au Chocolat fresh from a 10 sec microwave spin, you have not lived. These bad boys are lush when warm, as discovered by Papa and Stepmumma Pigeon. I normally team this with a glass of juice and eat at the table in the kitchen, whilst making my to-do list for the day. I like to create goals that I would like to complete by the end of the day, not just business stuff, but household chores and whatnot too.


I have normally hit my productive morning stride by now and have a load of washing on the line, have completed a room cleaning spin and have tidied up around the house behind the boys. How is it that men can leave coffee cups and side plates EVERYWHERE? I’m confused by this…


snail crochet creating day in the life

I spend a lot of my day at my desk creating, either fulfilling orders or replenishing my stock that I take to fairs. I normally fling a box set on my computer to watch as I make, as it stops me getting too distracted on social media. I am awful at looking at Facebook….and I just mean other people’s business pages!


Day in the life (5)

After a brief pause for lunch, I crack back on with making and tackling orders. Talking to customers is one of my favourite things to do. I love getting pictures of my creations in their new adoptive homes.


Day in the life (8)

Mr Pigeon and I share the dog walks, so I do the afternoon canter about. It’s such a good break from my desk and some fun time with the pooch and rejuggle my thoughts. I have  been known to tap away on my iPhone as we wander round the fields taking orders and sending out confirmations. Sometimes if the day has been particularly heavy, I’ll leave my phone at home and have a full hour break.


Day in the life (9)

Dinner time! I normally do the cooking from a meal plan I plan in advance, and I prefer to cook from real ingredients, not from packets or cardboard boxes. I think it gives us so many more options for meals and leftovers that way. This was oven roasted chicken, onions, courgettes and peppers with pasta and red pesto. Yum.


Day in the life (1)

On a dream job day, I try and put the business away by 8pm and focus on some personal things. I am currently making a hexagon quilt so I sit down with that and watch a DVD and Mr Pigeon, or I read for a while. Sometimes I am naughty and I don’t put the business away and create new ideas. This is my most creative time for coming up with new things to make….Mr Pigeon thinks of it as danger time….


Bedtime. I try to shut down the house, room by room, as not to wake up to a mess in the morning…which seems inevitable with a husband like mine…I mean how does he do it?! I take off my slap if I’ve actually put any on…I mean if I’m not seeing real people (ie. not family) I don’t normally bother. We will watch some  history programme in bed…I think I know everything there is to know about World War Two now…. and I’ll set my alarm if I have an early shift the next day.


How does your day compare?



5 responses to “A Day in the Life: The Dream Job

  1. Jo aka Kiwijo

    Well impressed with your Dream Job Days, sounds fab.
    In an ideal world my days off would be portioned out with an hours crafting for every 30,ims spent on domestic stuff, but that rarely happens. I get my creating head on and the domestics go out the window. Good thing Im not houseproud! I get a bit annoyed at how OH ‘works’ from home, yet I get to work 37.5 hours a week and still do all the washing, ironing, cooking, cleaning and bill paying, so I dont feel bad about faffing about at weekends.

  2. This sounds like the perfect day 🙂 I like a balance of creativity, chores (I don’t LIKE chores, but it makes me feel productive and therefore deserving of treats), socialising, reading/TV and eating tasty things. I haven’t tried Lidl’s pain au chocolates before – but I’ll certainly snap some up next time I pass a Lidl! xxx

    • Do it! They are a bit cardboardy cold, but rock if you heat them up. Only 10 seconds mind… Still in the wrapper. No more no less… Many a pain au chocolat was lost during testing…. We can’t afford any more casualties!

  3. What a lovely read and a lovely day too. I split my days between looking after a toddler, working part time at my boring proper job and sewing and crocheting in the evenings and toddlers nap times for my small business which I’m trying to expand. Thanks for sharing your pics. Your dog is super cute and we let ours sleep on the bed too. Xxx

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