A whole heap of news…

Challaborough bay beach & Burgh island Chekhov pointer collie cross dog under legs Ringmore Beach Ayrmer Cove Tomatoes Chillies green homegrown Chekhov pointer cross under desk cutie Chooks Chicken eglu classic run Beetroot sharpie rock marker peekabo chicken fence ginger Gus & Chekhov Pointer cross The Pigeon's Nest Lucy MAde Me gazebo Bletchingley Fair Dairy outside

So I’ve been off galavanting, living life and biting off lots of things that are far too big for me to chew! I mean…why change the habit of a lifetime?

We actually went on holiday. Last month Mr Pigeon, Chekhov and I went on our first family holiday on our own…yep…we got married and didn’t test drive that first…..and if you remember we didn’t have a honeymoon…..thankfully it went well!

We walked the coastal paths for miles and miles, enjoyed the beaches (Chekhov especially loved the beaches), ate endless amounts of naughty yummy stuff and relaxed. I run at a million miles an hour here at home with a to-do list as long as my arm and it was pure bliss to realise that I had NOTHING to do. We went out of season due to the cost and the dog having access to the beach, but we had decent weather…not that that worried me…and I’d definitely go at that time again.

I’ve also been hitting the garden pretty hard this year trying to make it work for us. Our courgettes were a wash out, but with the amount of green beans, tomatoes, beetroot, swiss chard and chillies we have harvested this year, as well as two little pears from our baby pear tree, we won’t be getting scurvy any time soon.

The chooks have been out and spreading their wings. We have sectioned off a piece of garden for them to free range in now as their scent was making Chekhov dig MASSIVE holes throughout the garden……I did joke a one point that we could open a golf course, but Mr Pigeon dutifully filled it all in and reseeded….and yes…I get ‘a look’ from him when I said anything about the lawn…

Chehov has been progressing really well with other dogs. We had a stage 6 months ago where he was attacking other dogs whenever they came near him through fear, we’ve worked hard and he has come out of the other side and now has some really nice doggie friends, like Gus, who lives next door and comes for play dates.

Mr Pigeon has changed jobs and been headhunted and all that sort of glorious stuff, meaning I get to focus more and more on my small business…apparently I married extremely well! Teehee. He’s very excited about having his dinner on the table and his shirts ironed for work and I have to admit I’m quite excited about doing those sorts of things!

I guess the biggest news is that behind the scenes I have worked hard with Lucy from Lucy Made Me and we have only gone and gotten ourselves a studio space! We’ll be blogging our adventures of being co-operative small businesses here.




2 responses to “A whole heap of news…

  1. Wow, lots of fabulous news (and pics) here Pidgey. Sounds like life is moving forward quite nicely for you. Well done, you deserve it :o)
    Glad to see you back.

  2. How amazing! You’re basically living The Good Life đŸ™‚ I’m so impressed with your green fingered ness, and so pleased for you that you’re now able to spend more time crafting xxx

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