Lasting till Payday: Spend less on your water bill

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It is utterly official… Mr Pigeon and I on average use half as much water as the ‘average’ couple.

saving money on your water bill

In fact, we use less than someone living on their own on a day-to-day basis….and yes…that is our actual water bill.

How do we do it? Well, I can assure you that we are squeaky clean, so it’s not the fact we aren’t washing, and Mr Pigeon works from home a lot of the time, as do I so it’s not like we are flushing ‘other’ toilets and washing our hands in other palces…. we just abide by some simple guidelines…

1: It doesn’t go on till it’s full.

Yes, yes, like mothers have told their children for decades, it doesn’t go on till it’s full. The two main culprits are of course the dishwasher and the washing machine. We make sure we fill ours with a full load each time before I hit ‘go’.If that means your machine only goes on twice a week, so be it.

You can reuse a side plate that has only had sandwiches on it you know, and that mug is good for at least a days worth of tea, you don’t need a clean mug every time, give it a rinse if you must…. but the less crockery you make dirty, the less times your dishwasher has to go on in a week.

Jeans don’t need washing EVERY TIME you wear them, in fact if you rotate wearing your pairs of trousers you can get 4-5 wears out of them before they need washing (unless you’ve split burger/milkshake/mud pies on them of course). I know that probably sounds super gross to some of you, but hey, I don’t smell and I work with teenagers…they’d soon tell me if I did…. and surely it’s only super gross if you aren’t wearing undies….and why the hell aren’t you wearing undies with trousers?!

2: Eco mode is your friend.

When your machine does go on, if there is an eco mode or a quick mode…use it. You’ll use less water, which is the point right?

3: Don’t throw it down the plug hole.

Your glass of water for through the night…still got half left in the morning but it’s looking a little manky? Got some water left over from boiling your eggs? Don’t throw it down the plug hole for goodness sake! Pour it into a pot plant, pop it in the dog bowl (they REALLY aren’t fussed about a bit of dust) pour it down your toilet so it uses less water next time you flush, whack it in your watering can for the greenhouse/garden on a dry day, throw it in the washing up bowl and use it to soak something later….just don’t throw it down the plug hole and then find you have to draw new fresh water for a job that doesn’t require it.

4: Rainwater is free.

You know we complain about the rain here in England? Well…why do we do that? Rainwater is freeeeeeee and can be used for all sorts around the home. We just collect the rainwater from our garage roof and we fill a very large water-butt in about an hour. During the winter we rig up and overflow system into an old wheelie bin that lasts us right through the summer dry spells. We use that water for all our pressure washing, watering the garden in summer, watering house plants, watering the chickens (not actual watering but you get what I mean), watering the greenhouse, and dog water. Yes…Chekhov drinks more from his garden bowl (read a massive orange flexi trug that we top up from the water-butt) than he does from his water bowl in the house….we think it’s because it doesn’t taste like human-y chemicals.Chekhov drinking from a bottle dog pointer cross

5: Showers are good.

We don’t have a bath in our house. I don’t miss it one iota as I fall asleep in them A LOT and am a drowning hazard so I have to bath with the door open (“I DON’T HEAR SPLASHING!”), but Mr Pigeon misses it a lot, but looks forward to going to hotels with work as he nows sees it as a real treat.

We in fact have a massive double shower, which is great for me as I can dance in there….true story. It is also great for washing the dog in when he is just TOO filthy for a quick swizz with the hose outside, he can shake in there all he likes without making a massive mess of my bathroom. Showers also save a lot of water if you compare the time spent in them to the amount of litres of water used. So shower, don’t bath to save water.

You can save more water by showering/bathing together too….just saying…

What are your saving water tips?



3 responses to “Lasting till Payday: Spend less on your water bill

  1. Very impressive! My water bill is massivo! I swear I am paying for water for the whole street! I suppose having two teenagers and doing a lot of sport doesn’t help…will have to try some of your tips above – thank you!

  2. Haha – the splashing shout made me laugh 🙂 We do three out of the five things above, but still use more water than average people. Not quite sure how we’re managing that, but it’s definitely something I want to fix. xxx

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