Hello 2015


So another 365 days has passed and I feel like I’ve achieved and discovered so much… it has meant that this blog has taken a backseat to my actual life and I’m sort of ok about it.

I thought I’d just swing in and tell you 5 things that I have loved about 2014.

1:- My discovery of country music.

Ok…I always knew it existed…but I’m now fully immersed into country music in a big way I started out by watching Nashville and loving all the music in that, and then Mr Pigeon found a country radio station on Spotify that we began listening to ‘ironically’…..we soon dropped all the irony and we found that we actually love it! It was our soundtrack to our holiday in October and I have spent most of the day today googling music videos on youtube….colour me obsessed.

2: – The Dairy

I am so so pleased that I met Lucy just over a year ago and who would have thought that we would have our own little studio space in Godstone before 12 months of friendship was up?

Dairy outsideWe are almost all set up there, but I find the space so productive as I have no option but to work through my to do list, listen to audiobooks and stitch my little heart out.

3:- New Ink

Disney ink beauty and the beast tattooThis year I managed to mix three of my favourite things; tattoos, Shakespeare and Disney. I know that large tattoos on women aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, as I’ve been told over and over AND OVER…but I like it and it makes me happy when it catches my eye.

4:- I can climb

I started rock climbing with Mr Pigeon, who has done it for years. He managed to convince me to go for a session in the late summer…selling it to me as ‘yoga up a wall’ and despite the sales pitch he is right! I really enjoy climbing as I can’t think about anything else whilst I’m doing it…all there is ‘where am I going to put my hand?’ and ‘oh god I’m going to fall off’… it’s actually very meditative in that way!

5- Making lots of cool stuff

Grey bunny on polka (1)Just like this little guy. I have had soooo many amazing comissions this year from fab folk and it has really pushed me creatively.

I cannot wait to do even more cool stuff (I have orders ready and waiting for me to stitch!) throughout 2015.

So resolutions…. this year I’m keeping it simple. Be happy, dance more, sing louder.

How about you?




One response to “Hello 2015

  1. Glad to hear youve had a good year Pidgey. Hope 2015 is even better for you. Looking forward to hearing about your exploits. x

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