News from the Nest

dog birth Announcement

Yep…’ve got it!

The boy, the hound and I are adding to our little pack of three.

We shall be a happy pack of four (or should I say a very tired and grumpy pack of four) in mid March next year.

This has been a bit of a bumpy road for us, as we were very naive and thought we would fall pregnant almost instantly, but 11 months after deciding to try (which I am aware isn’t long….but when you work with teenagers who seem to manage it at the drop of …well you know…it can be more than a little frustrating) – we had many upset moments (mainly as I had NO control over what was going on…and I’m a self confessed control freak) and one big blowout where I deleted all my fertility apps, told Mr Pigeon that I didn’t want to talk about it anymore and we should just get another dog, and threw all my pregnancy tests into the deepest darkest recesses of the bathroom cupboard – we fell pregnant the next ruddy month.

In hindsight, I think we needed that time. Mr Pigeon wasn’t 100% ready when we started…more like 80%, but when it finally took he was firmly in the ‘let’s get you fat and I can drink all the gin’ camp.

As you can imagine was are totally over the moon with the news, despite now (and since 8 weeks) I’m struggling to fit in any of my clothes, I’m not able to eat anywhere near the portions I used to be able to put away, I need to pee three times as much, I’m thirsty ALL THE TIME and I’m having a whole wardrobe (and body) crisis!

In true Pigeon style, we are aiming to spend as little as possible on kitting out our nursery and our littlest as I have already had to stop working at my Real Job due to the nature of what I do, so we’ll be sharing what we find out as we go… well as doing other non-pregnancy stuff…because I do feel that is ALL I talk about now….any other beach ball smugglers feel that way?

We are not planning find out the sex of our baby, we aren’t fussed either way so we may as well have a surprise! So don’t ask, you cheeky things!



9 responses to “News from the Nest

  1. Congratulations! A lot of work coming your way but also a lot of happiness. Loved your cute announcement. Patti in New Jersey

  2. Congrats! Very much looking forward to your blogs on this, I’m pregnant and due 3rd of March. I felt amazing in early pregnancy and now I’m 15wks I’m feeling very crap! Fat sick and tired basically sums me up at the mo! We’ve just had our wedding which was awesome and has meant I was able to enjoy 2weeks off from work 🙂 I’m dreading going back though! You’re a very lucky lady! Xxx

  3. Big congratulations you beautiful things!Weirdly I wondered if you might be!No idea why tho, call it mothers intuinition!

  4. Yay, goncrats pidgey. I had a wee inkling when I was trawling through your stuff on Pinterest and found your ‘Baby Board’. Well pleased for

  5. Congratulations! What happy news from your nest. xx

  6. *does special congratulations-on-the-baby dance* Seriously psyched for you guys xxx

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