About Shinypigeon

Welcome to the Nest!

I’m Shinypigeon. A very odd compound word, I’m well aware…but how else would you describe a constantly hungry, jewellery loving, grey wearing scavenger?

Yeah….I thought so…

I live in South East England with my wonderful husband and our rescue pooch, Chekhov, embarking on life’s twisty-turny road with grass up the middle…(because ALL the best roads have grass up the middle don’t-you-know), blogging about things that make me particularly happy….like tidying, growing our own food, finding things in skips and spending no money.

As you may have guessed, this is a lifestyle blog with a big helping of thrift, craft and organisation thrown in. Those are the things that rock my world….

I also run a little business where I sell my crafty makes… wanna see?!

Need to know more? Well… you are a nosy mare aren’t you?

How about reading about how I met Him Indoors?
Or…How I like to jump into things face first?
Or…What lives in my handbag?
Or even…. my Tea obsession.

All the piccies on my blog are taken by P (unless stated) so please have a bit of thought before you copy and paste his hard work.

Have a good flutter about. I love comments and I try to reply pretty promptly here on the blog and if you email me on shinypigeon@hotmail.com


25 responses to “About Shinypigeon

  1. You have a blog? Crazy lady. Oh you forgot to mention in the ‘about’ thing that it was me, yes me, who got you on that website. So technically I set you up and you have me to thank for being so blissfully happy! :p. I received your pressies today and am waiting untill christmas day too. Im excited about being pen pals. x

    • Yup, I do have you to thank. And you are wonderful! Have opened the amazing cake (and munched on down), as we realised that we have about a car load of pressies here, so we didn’t want to have to take them ALL to P’s Mum’s and then drag them ALL back, complete with folded paper and bows to reuse.
      We’d like your Christmas Cake Recipe! Can you put it with your next letter? x

  2. Didn’t know how you met P Beck! What a lovely story x

    • I did try to keep it on the down low from you & Dad until you guys had met him and liked him too! I was so sure I’d told you by now though. We were very lucky to find each other. I often joke that he is the best thing I’d ever ordered online!

  3. l'arte d'arrangiarsi

    I love the concept of your blog! I know that we are on totally different continents but I am embarking on the same adventure and it’s nice to know I’m not the only one blogging about it. 🙂

    • Thank you very much! Moving in and living with a boy is something quite uniquely terrifying I think, and spans all cultures and countries! (I think I’d much prefer your weather though!)
      Love your blog…glad to hear about someone else moving across the country for love too! x

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  5. Hey – saw your comment over on Bleubird (OK so back in april so maybe not relevant now :-)… just wanted to let you know that here in the United Kingdom home education is actually the legal default, you have to opt into state education and if you don’t want to, you cannot legally be compelled to.

    You must only attend school if you have been registered with that school as a pupil (and that school is in the state sector) and even then the parent is legally responsible for the education, regardless of what you may be told.

    HTH – any questions please feel free to come back to me, or check out home-education.org.uk 🙂

  6. I’ve just started following your blog,and I’m loving the posts so far, looking forward to more! 🙂

  7. Hi I just came through thrifymrs, Im Tallulahkisses (sell dress on ebay and Etsy). Good luck with your blog, I’ve enjoyed fluttering around it 🙂 x

  8. Hi, just found your blog – it’s lovely : ) will pop in again.
    Sooooo would like a fox bag!

  9. Been enjoying reading your blog 🙂 You have a lovely readable style xxx

  10. Thank you Shiny Pigeon – love your shiny blog 🙂 (Lovers’ Orchard)

  11. First time having a rummage round your blog and loving it 🙂 it makes me smile thank you for cheering me up as I have had a rubbishy afternoon x

  12. Gorgeous gorgeous bloggery! Love Doris & Co ❤

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