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What I Wore: London Gathering

What I Wore bannerWhat I wore London rockabilly 50's summer (1)

When I left living in London after 18 months of pretty hardcore immersion and after living in pretty liberal studenty Bournemouth for 3 years, I quickly noticed how conservatively dressed people were living in the ‘burbs. Being a girl with a desperate love for ‘those’ trousers from the last scene of Grease (thank GAWD disco pants have come into fashion…my 80’s rock chick NEEEEEDED those bad boys…) and having a rather large collection of leopard print items, for the first 6 months of living away from the Big Smoke, I capsuled my wardrobe into more outlandish ‘London clothes’ and more introverted ‘Burb clothes’. Thankfully after getting closer to P’s friends, who I now count as my own, I wear whatever the hell I want wherever the hell I want…I think that confidence also comes with age and realisation that I don’t give two hoots.

What I wore London rockabilly 50's summer (5)
We recently high-tailed it back up to London for a friend’s baby announcement, which in hindsight felt quite mean…the mother-to-be sipping on a lemonade whilst the rest of us all got quite merry in the roof terrace of a bar. And this is what I wore…sort of casual rockabilly.

This will probably also be the last WIW with naked shoulder skin as I have an upper arm tattoo planned for my right arm next month…eeeeeeeeek I’m excited! Can’t wait to show you all.

What I wore London rockabilly 50's summer (2)

I struggle to dress for summer, I never want to feel too dressy during the day and a 50’s frock does that to me. Bring back autumn, I have about 30 flannel lumberjack shirts that need wearing STAT!

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What I Wore: A bunch of flowers

What I Wore bannerbright floral midi dress boohoo

Being a lanky bird with a long body and legs, I find dresses particularly difficult to find. The cute short ones that I crave, and torture myself with by trying on, show lady parts….and I am not that sort of girl….or at least that one summer I was has past….

I discovered these comfy jersey midi length frocks on Boohoo last year and I ordered a heap for a batch of upcoming weddings I had that summer… this one. They feel like I’m wearing a big t-shirt and they are perfect for what I like to call the ‘home dog out dash’, where I race in from work, do an hour dog walk and then throw on an outfit before heading out to dinner. These seem to be happening g a lot recently…but hey…I’m not having to cook so who is complaining?

I love the bright floral of this frock…I know….florals in spring…how original…but I just can’t help it!

What is your go-to throw on outfit?


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What I Wore: Canary and Studs

What I Wore bannerwhat i wore yellow suit jacket biker boots skinny jeans rock daytime look

I realise I haven’t done a WIW in a loooooong old time….since last summer in fact….mainly because my outfits this winter have consisted of wellies, filthy holey jeans, a thick ratty jumper and my BRIGHT pink coat….you know…dog walking uniform.

But this week, due to having days off in the week now and P taking a week off for funsies, we took a trip out to Ikea….because that is what cool kids do don’t you know… I was on the hunt for a new office chair and seeing as we could stop in Wing Yip on the way and do our annual top up of packet noodles (we buy ’em in by the box!) and sweet chilli sauce, Ikea was a good bet and it didn’t involve mud. WIN!

(Please note the mud up my shin though…I went to check the chickens just before we left…. DAMMIT!)

Jacket – H&M in the sale last year. I bought this baby for £5.

Top – Striped nautical number from Primark about 5 seasons ago. because you know…I am soooo right now…

Jeans – From my new love…Uniqlo. They do ALL their jeans in 33in inside leg which makes me VERY happy. They also do alterations for normal sized people for free.

Bag – River Island last year. I fell in love with this bag whilst looking for a ‘sensible grown up handbag’. It is massive inside and has like a million pockets, whilst looking cool. It satisfys my inner rock chick and my inner Nana.

Boots – Ohhh biker boots…how I love you soooo. These are from Tesco this winter because my previous ones died a death because I wear them to breaking point. I really need to learn to buy 3 pairs of boots I like and then rotate them so they last longer.

Right I’m off to look longingly at boots online….

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What I Wore: The Wedding like ours

What I Wore (posh) headerThe wedding like ours

P’s cousin got married recently and their wedding was wonderful, and so similar to what we are planning. I just hope ours goes off as well as theirs did. I foolishly decided to wear heels in a marquee…rookie mistake and I also forgot to get P to snap a ‘blog shot’ of my outfit.
Hope you enjoy P’s hair….I cut it the next day…. it traumed me every minute!

Headband – Primark (and worn to death)
Dress – Boohoo
Cardigan – Charity shop (and worn a million times on this blog!)
Belt – Primark
Shoes – Not seen, but nude courts from F&F

What I Wore: The Snowing Spring Wedding

What I Wore (posh) headerSpring wedding outfit boohooSpring wedding outfit boohoo Spring wedding outfit boohoo Spring wedding outfit boohoo

We braved snowy Norwich two weekends ago to attend the wedding of two very lovely friends. P was asked to do the photography, so after dinner, I made him shoot upstairs with me to take a few snaps of what I wore before I lost him for the evening to his lens….

I never really get to see him at weddings because he is often perched behind a camera body, but this time round I think he had heeded my nagging and was up and down and dancing and generally enjoying himself as well as snapping away.

Needless to say at our wedding, he has a camera ban…..

I have to say that I love this dress, but I was a little upset that the black belt rubbed off on the coral fabric. I did contact Boohoo and they said I could return it for a replacement, but after a few washes I have managed to scrub the stains out of existence. I am so glad I bought it, but I will be wearing it with one of my own belts from now on.

I have never ordered from Boohoo before now, as I have always feared my body and pins too long for their ‘lady region flashing frocks’, but actually they are doing a lot more ‘midi’ length dresses, which come up a good length on me, and I may actually purchase myself another one of these in the black.

Dress – Boohoo
Petticoat – Down Under Lingerie in Bournemouth, UK
Shoes – Odeon
Cardigan – Thrifted
Hair clips & Corsage – Primark
Nail Polish – Rimmel Lycra Pro in Peppermint

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What I Wore: Sunday Lunch Date

What I Wore bannerSunday lunch date (4)

It is very rare I actually get dressed on a Sunday….well….it was rare pre-woof. Now I do the early morning walks on the weekend, but I always wear my sloppiest jazz pants and my cosiest hoodie.

What I wore Sunday lunch date (1)

I unfortunately had to wear actual clothes last Sunday to go out for lunch with P…when did that start being a thing? I am so sure that everything is closed and jammies are law on a Sunday.

What I wore Sunday lunch date (2)

It is still pretty chuffing cold…I am wearing a undervest…yes that’s right…a VEST, so I have also substituted tights for leggings….sometimes denier is just not suitable.

What I wore Sunday lunch date (3)

I love my Pixie boots. They are just like pair I had when I was about 13. I thought I was far too cool for school when I rocked them. That now proves to be fact.

what I wore Sunday lunch date (5)

Cardigan (New Look), Shirt (Primark), Skirt (Thrifted), Leggings (Primark), Boots (New Look), Belt (Thrifted), Coat (80’s Vintage – commandeered from Mama Pigeon)

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What I Wore: Skull Frock

I really don’t wear this dress enough. It is a little short for me but I love the pattern!

This picture is from a yonks ago (hence my BAD hair and no engagement ring) but I forgot all about blogging it! 😀

Necklace – Gift
Dress – Small shop on Fonthill Rd in Finsbury Park
Leggings & belt – Primark
Cardigan – Thrifted