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Thrifty Find: Upcycled Wine Box (part 2)

Thrifty Find header wooden wine box upcycle part 2

So after popping one of these beauties in our bedroom, I decided that our kitchen needed some wine box love too.

I love being able to raise up some of the things we keep on the worktop so we have a little more space. I would have loved to have used one for all my cookbooks but I just couldn’t make the space for them at the moment!

Apologies for my obvious tea problem….

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Thrifty Find: Upcycled Wine Box (part 1)

Thrifty Find header wine box upcycle wooden 1 (1)

I am very lucky to have a wonderful colleague whose husband deals in wine. He has stacks and stacks of these wooden crates that he is only too happy to get rid of for free. I recently was given 3 lovely new crates. One is being saved for my craft stall, as I find they are lovely to use for displays.

wine box upcycle wooden 1 (2)

I decided that this one need to be repurposed as a mini set of shelves for the few books on rotation, that I keep in our bedroom. Cute right?

wine box upcycle wooden 1 (3)You could also put some felt on the bottom and use them as under the sofa boxes.

If I had my way ALL my shelving would be made of wine crates. I think they are gorgeous!

Whaddaya think?

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Thrifty Find: Upcycled Wicker Cat Carrier

Ok…..let me start this post with an apology. This blog has been a little quiet as of late and the only reason I can give you is because I could not find the time to write actual blog posts! Life is totally getting in the way of my online prescence….I mean really…. how rude. I am trying hard to get back on top of some sort of blogging schedule, so bear with me!

Let’s get on with what you came to see shall we?

Thrifty Find header thrifty find wicker cat carrier upcycle reuse

Yes….I know what you are thinking….Chekhov is not going to fit in that…

I spotted this left out by some bins on my dog walk, I checked it over to ensure there was no cat carcass inside… can never be too careful…. and noticed that the carry handle was snapped and beyond use. I grinned and juggled this under my arm whilst the pooch pulled me all the way home.

I got home, checked it again in the light to ensure I had de-catted it enough (P is quite allergic), pulled out the old broken wicker handle and popped it by our fireplace whilst I pondered a use for it.

I honestly couldn’t believe that someone had thrown this out… on its end it is a lovely tall wicker recepticle with a wire lid. We considered it as a log basket (we are yet to have a woodburner so this seemed silly), umbrella stand, laundry hamper, end table…but finally decided to use it as paper storage in the craft room.

upcycled cat carry case

This seemed to be the best use, especially as Chekhov loves ripping up paper.

Dog ripping up paper birthday puppy

I could have quite easily removed the gate, but I kept it just in case we decided to change the use later….bring on the woodburner!!!

Have you found anything brilliantly thrifty recently?


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Thrifty Find: A Dirty Pigeon

Thrifty Find header HOw to DIY Thrifty find PigeonI know what you are thinking….what is that filthy bit of garden cement tat doing on your kitchen table?

It’s BEING AMAZING that’s what.

This was a chance spot in a skip. I eyeball skips as I pass them, trying to x-ray the contents…much to P’s dismay… and this one was a doozy. Unfortunately, we were walking past this particular one, so we couldn’t carry the massive cement planter (with squirrels on it!) or free water butt and stand to our friends (where we were headed) and then home. These folks must have been completely clearing the garden…I mean…who throws away a perfectly good water butt?! Mental folks that’s who.

So, we dutifully knocked on the door and explained to the perplexed fellow that we wanted to raid his skip for the above filthy pigeon, and a minute later I skipped away with a new living room ornament. heard me right…this grimy creature is going to live indoors…

She (we decided it was a girl…she’s pretty fancy looking) got a bit of a scrub up with some washing powder and then I got the big guns out….the spray paint.

A quick swish all over with some white gloss and she is looking pretty damn good.


Mavis…oh yes…we named her…  is now happily tucked up in our fake fireplace (putting a REAL one back in is on the list of housey jobs), next to Bruce, our concrete rabbit.

photo (2)

Found anything this good for free lately?

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Thrifty Find: Recycled light planter

Thrifty Find header Free thrifty light planter  (1)

Within the confines of this post I am about to profess my serious girl crush on Kirstie Allsop. Honestly, anything with Phil and Kirstie in is a sure fire hit in this house…..We love them…and I have really been enjoying her amazingness in her recent series of Fill your House for Free. Now her tips and tricks were nothing new to a skinflint like me….My father and paternal grandfather have taught me everything I know about being thrifty/cheap…I managed to save enough money to buy a house on my small salary using their wisdom (and taught Paul how to stop spending his!)….but it did spur me on to put down the Ikea catalogue and go skip hunting.

Our neighbours across the way have been having building work done since we moved in, and their skip is super inviting…is it just me that gets excited by having a rummage through a skip? Oh no…. you do too Kirstie?… Let’s be friends forever!

I saw something shining in amongst the wood and plaster and took it home for a bit of a repurpose.

I unceremoniously pulled out the broken light fitting and was left with a gorgeous faceted receptacle.

My aloe vera has taken a bit of a hit since the move, so is currently looking a little like this…

Free thrifty light planter  (2)

Traumatic….it sat in a hot window, where the dog used to jump up and bash it….house plant fail…

So after some trimming and replanting, we now have something that looks like this!

Free thrifty light planter  (4)

It is going to need a little love to get back to it’s former glory…but glorious it shall be in it’s new FREE bowl!

If you aren’t embracing free…you really need to get on it…people throw SO much stuff away that, with a little imagination, can be transformed into something lovely for your home.

What have you gotten for free recently?

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Thrifty Find: Beef Stew Crock Pot

Thrifty Find header Beef Stew Crock Pot Thrifty find Beef Stew Crock Pot Thrifty findPlease check out this BEAUTY that I unearthed at a local charity shop. It’s not cast iron, but hey… for boiling up a stew or two…who is fussed eh?

Especially when I only paid £3 for it!

It has a nice wide bottom (like me…P has just quipped) and I love the design, the handles get a bit hot when it is bubbling away, but that is what pot holders are for!

What have you thrifted lately?

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Thrifty Find: Succulent Succulents

Thrifty Find header thrifty find Succulents in a glass bowl (1)

I won’t lie…I was on the the hunt for a simple glass fruit bowl. This little beauty cost me a mere £2.50 from one of the more upmarket charity shops in the area…if there is such a thing as an upmarket charity shop. I personally prefer the ones that look like a house clearance…I love the challenge of a rummage. Give me a slightly musty and grubby charity shop and I will be happy for hours.

I had this beauty set aside in my mind for a special use. P’s mum had gifted me a massive tray of succulents when we moved in and they have been growing away in the greenhouse, wasted on just my peepers. I thought it was time they graduated into the house.

Succulents in a glass bowl (2)Succulents in a glass bowl (3)

Don’t they look gorgeous on my kitchen windowsill?

Succulents in a glass bowl (4)

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