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5 posts: v3

So this has had a little bit of an unintentional break due to Christmas etc, but it is back and here to stay.

Other bloggers are FIT fullstop. They are an endless source of inspiration and information. Here are 5 posts that I have seriously enjoyed this month.

The Enviable Photoshoot

Kat from Rock N Roll Bride featured this gorgeous woodland motorcylce engagement shoot on her blog, and I kicked myself for not doing this for ours. I cannot wait till the weather gets warmer and we can do a similar ‘family’ shoot plus woof.

The Genius Hoarder

I have still failed to fill our GIANT American fridgefreezer…so I loved all these freezer filling ideas from Jill! I love hints and tips like these because here in the UK, we waste so much food, and this is a way to esure it lasts.

The Lusted After Home

I bum Lulastic’s home. I effing love it. I love how her and her husb (which is the right way to say it you know…you don’t spell husband…hubsand…) pull things in from the street. P is never so keen when I trawl….but I am tempted to trawl…hide it and then say..’What this? This has always been here!’

The Dog Walkers Dream

Elsie has the most fab mudroom. Now we have a woof (and because I am crazy), I have been drooling over such things…our mudroom currently consists of a box with a bin liner in it where we throw our wellies….. le sigh…. I can dream….

The Appliance Envy

The gorgeous Claire, from ClairabelleMakes, has just got a KitchenAid mixer.… please hold my hand and drool with me.

So run along and click on all the links won’t you? Tell ’em I sent you!



5 posts: v2

Hi guys.

I have decided to make this a new feature. Blogging for me is all about other bloggers, what they inpsire me to do, to make and to wear! Each month I shall be showing you 5 of my favourite posts from my blogreader, hopefully getting you to love them as much as I do.

The Inspiration

Sisters, Emma and Elsie, from A Beautiful Mess, opened a vintage shop 2 years ago this month. I am totally inspired by their blog, work and I drool over all the knick knacks! I can only dream that my little business expands into something so wonderful.

The Christmas Make

I only found out about Sisley and her company Sew White, when she ordered some of my crochet robins! Golly, I glad she did. Her gingerbread house post on her blog made me jiggle with glee at the thought of creating one of these myself! She has done a great step-by-step WITH pictures. BOOKMARKED!

The Binder

I love a good list as much as the next list lover, but a BINDER? Oh my god, I may just pass out from excitement. Ginny over at Organizing Homelife, is giving away 31 days of printables to help you build your own home management binder. Can anyone else say they are totally enthralled by this idea? Just me?


I love Laura’s blog. I really and truly do. Her latest offering is this doosey of a DIY. I love it. So simple, so effective!

The Furniture Envy

The lovely Fran revealed her new desk this month…handmade by her dad. It is absolutely gorgeous! I love the things that my dad has made me and I truly do treasure them. Hurrahs for Pa’s who are amazing!

So run along and click on all the links won’t you? Tell ’em I sent you!

Sunday Saviours #42 – Amazing People Edition

Happy Sunday you beautiful creatures!

Today I thought I would focus on some of my favourite people out there on the tin-ternet.

These guys are my daily reads, daily tweets, and give me daily grins on my trog face, some of them without even realising they do it, and I really think if you had a looksie at them all, you would love them as much as I do.


Lulaloo face is bloomin’ fah-bulous. It is so lovely to tweet and chatter with her. She recently has been living below the line…feeding herself, her hubby and her cutie pie daughter for £3 a day…. MENTAL!

Sugar Me Sweet

Lady Sugar Sheen a.k.a the gorgeous Whitney is such a peach. I met her via twitter knowing she knew my IRL fitface Miss Lauren, and Lauren did not exaggerate how bloody lovely she is. Whitney and I have already planned a christmas USA/UK swapperoo of gifties this year. SO EXCITED!

The Beauty Habit

How could I not include Miss Lauren? Well….I couldn’t. She is poorly sick at the time of me typing this, so go and show her some serious love please. She is one of my best friends, she is so supportive, thoughtful and loving, and she deserves lots of love back in her face from the world because she sends so much out.

Sprinkle of Glitter

Louise over at A Sprinkle of Glitter is my blog/vlog girl crush and if you aren’t following her, you really bloody should be. She is so genuine and she makes me chuckle till my seams burst. She recently starting following my teeny tiny youtube channel and that made me squeal like an over-excited teenager at a One Direction concert. FACT

A Thrifty MRS

Another blog girl crush. I LOVE A Thrifty MRS. Her blog is jam packed with so many wonderful things it makes my brain explode and trickle out of my ears. She makes me try new things that make me go ‘ooooooo’,  and that cost me very very little pennies. And we all know I am a fan of such things….

The Story Of A Girl Who Lives Above Her Means

Sophie is great. She is such a fit face that needs a bit of love from you all. I love her frocks and chatting to her on twitter. She is a super super captial letters SUPER fab. Go and say hello to her….go on…go!


Featured over at A Cup of Subtle Tea

I adore Hannah’s little corner of the internet, and she’s only been bloomin’ gorgeous (said gawjus) and featured the Nest on her blog.

Check it out here! 

YAY! *does happy dance*

Sunday Saviours #13

Well, i feel like I’ve been blogging like crazy this week, and I’m starting to get myself a bit more organised, giving myself time to come back and rewrite posts before I post them up.

I’m proud to say that I have now had this little blog for over a year, and am now receiving at least 800 views a month. Not much on the grand scheme of things, but I’m so thankful to all that stop by. Who knew this little hobby would grow so?

Right enough of that… on with the Sunday Saviours.

£5 land

My Stepmum posted this in a comment here, and I couldn’t believe my eyes. THIS is where I am going to be spending my day today!


If you aren’t following this legend on Twitter yet…more fool you.

Katie does what?

Katie over at What Katie Does has made these gorgeous victorian typography posters…and is selling them in her etsy shop! I want….hurry up birthday!

Sunday Music

I’m a huge advocater of chilled out Sunday music. Perfect for having sunday breakfasts.

Current favourite songs on Sunday

  • Satellite Heart – Anya Marina
  • Cinder & Smoke – Iron & Wine
  • Lover, You should Have Come Over – Jamie Cullum
  • The Only Exception – Paramore
  • Stolen – Dashboard Confessional



Sunday Saviours #12

Another mental weekend our end means that Sunday Saviours are up late AGAIN…this is becoming a bad habit. 😦

The weekend was worth it. A hen weekend that involved us swinging from Tarzan high wires surrounded by foliage at Go Ape, dressing up in our finest goth outfits for Japanese cuisine at Wabi and then a full on spa day. Reviews of Wabi and our Spa will be posted up this week! Lots to tell!

George-ous Dress

See what I did there?

This frock is gorgeous, and perfect to whack in the trolley when you go get your eggs and milk.


Although sounding a little bit like something I would call my siblings, Katie at Skunkboy Creatures makes the most amazing thingummies. Check her out!

Casabella Project

I got lost in this today.


After my Spa Mani/Pedi this weekend, I was overjoyed to spot that my wonderful bestest has posted up some handy hints for you to DIY! AMAZING!

Monkey Around

As someone not keen on falling to her death from a great height, I was surprised at how much I enjoyed Go Ape this weekend. Great for birthdays, hen do’s, and general monkeying about.

Have a great week!

Sunday Saviours #10

First and foremost, I’d to apologise for my absence this week! P has turned 26, I have finished work for the summer holidays,  and things have been a bit crazy here. Just a little run down of our week, so you know what to expect in up coming posts!

Tuesday – I was back to work after I spent the day hugging the toilet with food poisoning.

Wednesday – P turned 26, and we trogged off up to London to see ‘We Will Rock You’.

Thursday -Quiet at work, but I then began baking for P’s party on Saturday.

Friday – Half day at work – SCHOOL IS OUT! And MORE baking.

Saturday – EVEN MORE baking and cooking. Party at the Nest.

So hopefully I should have one or two good posts next week entailing some of our adventures! For now…. try these on for size.

Papa Said

Danielle over at Sometimes Sweet has been doing this feature for a few weeks now, and I love it. It’s so nice to hear dads dishing out some parenting tips and advice.


I adore these! 70’s funk.

Louboutin Love

My favourite Shoeperhero, Shoeperwoman, posted about the most gorgeous Louboutins on Friday….I have to dream….

Pigeon Love

The gorgeous Rachel and family over at Letters to Ames, needed a link today. JUST for her love of Pigeons. Check out her FAQ’s to see what I mean! 🙂

Insert Me & P

P has booked my birthday present- A TRIP TO DISNEYLAND PARIS!

I’m so excited. At 24, I’ve never been to ANY kind of Disney, so I’ve been browsing the magic! It’ll be in November (Hopefully the Christmas stuff will be up!), and some of our frineds are coming too! CANNOT WAIT!