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What I Wore: Back to Front Frock

What I Wore (posh) headerb2f no jacket what I wore

I was scrolling through my phone and I found these photos from back in November of my birthday….so muchos apologies for the photo quality… it is entirely due to it being shot on my phone at Clapham Junction and not the fact that it was cheaper to buy posh fizz by the bottle than gin….

I was whisked to London by my wonderful husband and our friends to a burlesque club in the City. It was truly marvellous and of course, the actor in me wanted to feel like I fitted in…

I was most proud of this outfit because I wore the dress backwards…. and before you look at me like I’m a mental case…I do this quite often.

Sometimes I really don’t like the drop of a neckline or it’s too revealing for my taste and this particular dress that I bought in my first year of university has a SERIOUSLY low v neckline…so low that even in my uni days (*cough* 10 years ago) I used to safety pin it together else my lady front would actually be out on full view….and not even in a tasteful way.

b2f rear view what i wore

I unpicked the stratchy label and also folded under the pointless little sleeves to make them a more pronounced cap sleeve. I quickly secured them with a few stitches by hand to ensure they didn’t come unfolded during the evening. This actually changed the whole feel of the outfit and meant I hadn’t had to buy something new.

photo 4

I also got to wear my super towering high heels and feel glorious about it!

Have you ever tried wearing something the wrong way round? Intentionally of course!



What I Wore: Scarfbows & Mint Shorts

Seeing as it is so wet and miserable outside, and sunshine is somewhat of a hazy recollection, I thought I would share an outfit post to remind us of what season we are meant to be in. Could someone please inform the weather? Thanks.

What I wore – Top to Toe

Scarf – Vintage(Grandmother’s)
Earrings – Mozzypop
White Pocket Tee – Primark
Mint Green Boyfriend Shorts – GAP
Fox Bag – Ebay (but Matalan now stock!)
Leopard Print Shoes – Primark

What do you wish you were wearing this unglorious summer?

Not a waterproof poncho? Me too….

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What I Wore: Ghost Pins Ahoy!

It was pretty glorious on Sunday, so we decided to meet P’s Mum at Nyman’s Gardens, a lovely National Trust property and wandered around looking at all the gorgeous plants, flowers, ruins and views.

Shirt – Thrifted

Shorts – George @ Asda

Belt – Primark

Bag – Ebay

Shoes – New Look (A few years ago)

Glasses – Vintage 80’s – Pinched from Mama Pigeon for keeps.

Red Flower Earrings – Mozzypop

What I Wore: Ice Cream Sunday

It’s not very often I actually crop my troggy face out of pictures on the bloggeroo, but this one was so tragic it made my flesh crawl. So this is what I wore…minus my face!

I have gone a bit of a coloured jeans fandango recently, adding Ribena purple, mustard and tan to my lovely pink pair above. I love injecting a bit of colour to my lower regions for a change.

That sounded ruder than I meant it to!

My cardie was a swish find. When I saw the girl in front of me put it on the table ready to swish and I silently fist pumped the air. I love me a gross cardigan.

My green top is an old Primark one with little cap sleeves, that I’ve had for about 5 years now. I bought it to match a a-line skirt I have, because the colours match perfectly.

The jeans are Uniqlo, from about 3 years ago. They are starting to fade a bit, which I quite like as they look lived in. I found that Uniqlo are actually pretty good for slightly longer pinned ladies, as their basic inside leg length is 33 inches.

My floral pumps are originally Primark, but are so battered now and dirty, that even bicarb scrubbing can’t get the filth out!

So…I would like to pronounce this outfit…’I look like an Ice Cream threw up on me’!

What I Wore: Skulls and Lycra

I love my skull cardigan. I actually adore it. I found it in a little boutique in Brighton, and for only £20, it truly was a steal. I always get  lovely comments when I wear it, which makes me want to wear it all the more.

It isn’t very often that I get to wear leggings or skirts, due to needing beltloops and pockets at work for my large bunch ‘o’ keys, so when I can I love to get a much wear out of them as I can!

What do you wish you wore more often?

What I Wore – Blast from the Past


P has been fiddling with some new software and has set a thousand photo montage of me as his desktop. Whilst staring into the deep abyss of my own face  recently, I noticed some pictures from YONKS ago that I hadn’t seen before!

As mentioned in this post, I went to a strangers wedding, where I only knew P.

Canny readers will note that this dress was also worn here!

Headband, Dress & Shoes ~ Primark

Turquoise Flower – Originally Primark, with DIY added ribbons

Belt ~ Originally Primark, but with large bow removed for this event.

Cardigan – Thrifted

Bracelet – Gift

What I Wore – Cranberry Crush

I love this frock, it’s so comfy, despite the fact it makes me look like I’m about 4 months gone in the top picture! (I’m not BTW- I’ll glug some gin to prove it!)

Dress, Boots & Socks – Primark

Cardigan – New Look