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How To: Preserve your bouquet after you wed

Bride and Groom big fat pigeon wedding

So you’ve paid for or had someone kindly create you a gorgeous fresh flower bouquet for your wedding….check.

You’ve decided not to chuck it across the room at your reception at your single female friends who do not need or want their singleness highlighted…. check.

You want to keep it to look at for years to come…ahhhh……you’ve come to the right place.

I kept mine in water on my mantelpiece for nearly 3 weeks before I decided to dry it to keep as a keepsake. I loved looking at it each day as I settled into married life and decided that even though this is no longer the 90’s (did anyone else Mum have LOADS of dried flowers in their house? Just me?) a dried wedding bouquet is something special.

I hung it upside down in our home office on the end of a curtain pole for a fortnight, where it naturally dried out. It may take an extra week if you have a monster bouquet and you’ve trained for weeks to be able to lift the thing.

Things that mde m ehappy this weekend my dried wedding bouquet

You can see that some of the colours have changed, but I don’t love it any less!

I hope this has been helpful for those interested ladies who emailed me last week…especially to see the before and after piccies.

Big love!



How To: Scrimp & Save on your Big Day: Decor

Oh yes….I’m back banging on about this old thing again…. saving money on your wedding!

So decor….making stuff look pretty…it ain’t essential, but it does give your wedding a certain element of ‘you-ness’.

I DIYed all our decor, ranging from making tissue paper pom poms and collecting jam jars for months to creating our cake toppers.

Mr & Mrs Mousie 2  cake topper

Hopefully you have chosen a venue that doesn’t need much decorating, but if you chose something like me, a small village hall complete with gopping curtains and gym apparatus for the local school, you are going to need to tart it a little.

Damerham Village Hall wedding reception

To get ideas in the first place I trawled Pinterest…..website of the gods. I had a whole board dedicated to things ‘that might be super cool for the wedding’, a lot of these of course didn’t come to fruition, but some of those pins were vital to our big day decor.

A way to keep things on the thrifty side is to keep your colour scheme open…this then doesn’t limit you from saying YES to anything. I started out thinking I wanted just different hues of blue….but when I realised how much that would limit me cost wise and resources wise I went for an all out ‘chuck it in and mix it up’ sort of colour scheme. White tablecloths and white napkins let our simple centerpieces shine.

Keep a mental note of what you liked at other weddings…. I got a load of  bottle and jars for the centerpieces by asking another bride at the end of the night at her wedding if she would mind if I took a few for ours….she was delighted not to have to get rid of them!

Like I have been banging on and on about again and again in these posts…play to your strengths. I am crafty with paper and fabric, so that is what most of my decorating ideas were focussed on. I loved how Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky made a backdrop at her wedding from a vintage sheet snipped into a fringe….GENIUS!

My now husband is a big light fanatic, so he ordered  the fairy lights (for £20 on Amazon) and borrowed some from his brother and cousin to light our venue in the evening….he also roped them in to hang them all the night before….and trust me…any venue looks amazing lit by fairy lights.

Damerham village hall wedding reception

My MOH’s mum has won many a competition for her flower arrangements and she made us the most gorgeous display for our ceremony table, where we signed all the legal beagle… and that was our wedding gift from my MOH. Don’t be afraid to ASK for jobs to be done and things to be made as part of your wedding gift…people are only too happy to oblige, they want to take part in your day silly!

Medieval hall salisbury venue ceremony


Also use stuff that you are going to want to use and display in your house after the wedding….or that you already have…..there is no point wasting all your time making stuff you are going to bin after. All the fabric bunting came home with us ready for future birthday bashes and to be sold on my craft stall (most of it was made as stock in the first place!!!!), and also one of my favourite things, our P&R – which is now hung on our stairs, was made with the plan to display it in the house after.

These were just paper mache letters from Hobbycraft which I sprayed gold. Easy.


I also used the gold spray paint on some frames from a several charity shops…I do love a rummage…. which held all the homemade-in-Word signage on our big day, giving our guests information such as seating, photography, guest book info and all that malarky. The frames have all been reused and are now hanging on our wall with our wedding photos in them. Super special.

I got the idea below from….you guessed it….Pinterest!

Rope in friends and have a folding/cutting/sewing party a month or two before the big day. I took my tissue paper to work and taught the kids how to make tissue paper pompoms for their bedrooms in return for some being folded for my wedding box! I also roped in a few girls for a Disney film and more folding at a later date. We had a helluva lot of pompoms on the day, but I loved them….and apparently so did my guests….I don’t think we threw a single one away…they were all rehomed!

This post shows how you make them….they are so easy!

I hope this post has been helpful….I realise it’s been a bit piece-y but decor is such a reflection of your own taste and style, all i can say is create, creat, create and ASK FOR HELP!

Be sure to check out everything in the ‘How We Wed’ section by clicking the button in the sidebar! YAAAAAY!


How To: Scrimp & Save on your Big Day: Food & Drink

Deep breath everyone….here is where you generally spend the majority of your budget…..

But before you splash out and spend a ridiculous amount of money, I have a heap of tips of how to pinch pennies and still have a ruddy good knees up. Food and drink is vital at a wedding…it isn’t something that you can leave out….in my humble opinion anyway. Food makes a party…I can leave the alcohol (although it does aid the less confident to bust a move on the dance floor later), but food is essential to every celebration. So to make sure that we could have the best feast possible I had to make our menu work really hard. I also had to choose a venue where I had full say over what we ate and drank…if you wed in a hotel, you will find that this choice is taken away from you and you can’t get your ‘price per head’ any lower than they say so.

Let’s do it in the order of eating and drinking shall we?

Arrival drinks and canapés

I know that champagne is apparently the ‘only’ choice for arrival…..but pah. It’s your wedding, it’s your party and you can serve whatever you like. We decided to go for a crowd pleaser that would slide down easy. Pimms. We bought bottles when they were on offer (in fact we bought 24 bottles and ended up bring 12 home….I have since told off our friends for not drinking enough….they vouch that they REALLY did drink enough due to their hangovers). This is such a nice soft drink that everyone likes (I mean WHO doesn’t like Pimms?! Get them out of England….PRONTO!) Big jugs of cocktail are often cheaper than bottles of fizz, as you can water them down with more juice/lemonade etc, so making your expensive alcohol go further.

Arrival drinks bride groom pimms thrifty

And as for canapés? Well let’s be TOTALLY honest shall we? I do not want some piddly little floppy crudite after hours and hours since breakfast where in I have spent most of my morning getting ready and then standing around in stupid shoes….I want carbs and I don’t care if they are classy.

We served crisps. Yup…crisps. Yes…I know it isn’t salmon bites, but ruddy hell…this is just fodder to keep them going till the main event…. come on…who can honestly tell me that a teeny little canapé is going to keep you going till after the speeches?! This saved us SERIOUS amounts of cash and I have had nothing but great feedback from friends and family.

The Speeches

Now again…you don’t have to have bubbly if you don’t like it. I don’t like champagne, the taste or the cost, so we had a nice Asti instead. Speak to a friend or family member who knows about such things if you aren’t sure. I had no idea and just asked my Aunt to sort it out for as little cash as possible. She did me proud.

The Main Event

Now…there is nothing cheaper than a buffet. It doesn’t require as many staff to plate it up and serve it out, and it also goes a lot further making your overheads less. We had a Hog Roast which came to about £400 for the pig, the man to cook it, the baps, the stuffing and the apple sauce. That fed EVERYONE except our herbivore friends and family who had another option. Our sides included the usual pasta dishes and salads, meaning everyone got a fully rounded meal for little expenditure.

We opted for red and white wine with our main course. If you can do a booze cruise….go… if you can get a bulk buy in Tesco with a discount….flaunt it. A lot of supermarkets will also hire you the wine glasses too, so check if it is cheaper for you to do your glass hire that way or with your venue.

This was also the last lot of alcohol we paid for for our guests. I did feel a bit of a Scrooge for this, but I couldn’t afford to water them ALL day….I tried really hard to get them pretty soggy before the venue bar (at pub prices) opened and they had to fund themselves. Our guests really didn’t mind….being quite merry by 5pm due to the amount of Pimms… but do make sure if you are in a small or rural venue that they take cards and inform your guests if they don’t.


cake table wedding thrifty competitionWe asked our guests to bake and take part in a cake competition, where the prize was £20 to pop behind the bar later in the evening. The amount of effort our guests put in truly amazed us and I loved the healthy competition between friends from the moment it was announced on our wedding invite. Even my husband concocted a fridge cake for the event! It was lovely to have our loved ones contribute to our day in pudding format and yes… I am quite aware that I am an actual penny-pinching GENIUS, when it came to our dessert option.

Guests wedding cakes

This also meant that everyone had an option of something they liked, they could go up for seconds and some even took a load home! So pudding cost us £20. I thank you.

Wedding cake table thrifty idea

The Cake/Evening Buffet

So we opted for a pile of cheeses as our wedding cake. This was to balance out the mountains of cake that our guests were providing and also to be the main fodder for the evening buffet. Cake doesn’t go very far once everyone has had a bit, but cheese….. oh my golly gosh…..people were stuffing their faces for hours and still we took WHEELS of it home and ate it for weeks.

We coupled it with oodles of crackers and fruit for easy pickings between dancing and mingling.

Cheese wedding cake thrifty food

By doubling up the cake and the buffet we saved ourselves a heap of cash. All it took was a little planning, shucking ‘tradition’ and some forethought to make our food work really hard for us.

I hope this has helped! Feeding our guests ample amounts of yummy things was very important to me, and I found that this was the best way, for us, to do that. Just remember to plan well and stick to your guns…. some of my family members asked if there would be another meat option over pork…. I put my foot down and said no….despite offers to pay for chicken and not-so-polite calls to my caterer (who thankfully asked before she bought any!). I flatly refused. It was my day and I wasn’t about to be bullied into changing my menu, because somebody wanted meat but not pork…pfffft……

Stand your ground, because as I very well know…some people just don’t understand that it is a party….that they are lucky to be invited to!

Big Love!





How To: Scrimp & Save on your Big Day: Centrepieces & Table Decor

Here she goes again…banging on about weddings being a big ‘ole party and what not…that dreadful woman who keeps pinching her purse to stop those dreadfully expensive wedding vendors having a grab at the cash inside.

Let’s save some serious money on your centrepieces and table decor shall we?

First of all….lose the florist. That is money you are throwing at a brick wall right there. Flowers are pretty…yes… flowers are also pretty from your garden and from the supermarket….. for free or less cash than the florists.


P’s Mum grew us a whole heap of sweet peas, sunflowers and other lovely blooms (I have no idea what they are…because you know…flowers are pretty) and I cut off loads of our flowering Buddleia and we plonked them into jam jars and glass bottles that I had been washing & saving for months (and some I took after someone else’s wedding!). FREE CENTREPIECES. I will say that I added 3 bunches of flowers (one bunch was £1 because it was yellow stickered in M&S) which cost me £6 in total. We broke down the bunches and slotted them amongst our foraged flowers. We did the ENTIRETY of 10 tables for £6. P’s Mum grew the flowers for us and was in charge of transporting and jar plonking as our wedding gift. Hooray! So if you have a friend who is keen on flower arranging or a nimble fingered gardener in your family…or in fact you have the space to grow your own… or you see a nice weed in your mum’s front garden…see if you can cut this monstrous cost OUT of your big day.

You may notice our table names were pretty cool. We named each table after a location in our favourite films and TV shows. We also had Stark Industries, Hill Valley, Sandford Police Station, Sunnyville High School, Tortuga and The Winchester Tavern to name a few more. P created the tables names by copy and pasting the images into Photoshop and then adding the writing. EASY. If you haven’t got photoshop or a handy husband to be, this could have been done in Word or Publisher. This just took our time and the cost of printing…. YAAAAYY.

Now let’s have a word about place cards…. I threw that particular idea out of the window about 3 months before. I could not be arsed to do a full seating plan OR print out/buy around 90 place-name cards and then do folding and placing…that is time I could have spent doing something much more fun….you know….like ALL the other decor stuff I was doing for the wedding…and it meant that people sitting in a chair cost us NOTHING. We created table lists of the people who were to sit at that table, and then let them pick the chair they sat in. Easy for us, nicer for them. We even displayed it on one of the doors into the hall as you can spot behind my dear Papa giving his speech.

How to table decor & centrepieces wedding day budget bride

So when it comes to your tables…yes it is nice for your guests to have something to look at….so why not think outside the box? How about a pretty bowl with floating tea lights? How about a collection of family photos? How about some bottles and jars of brightly coloured sweets (that is your favours RIGHT THERE! If you are doing them…that is another rant…we didn’t…because you know….who cares?!) Pinterest is a great source of inspiration for things like this, so get clicking! If you were really lazy a complete genius you could nominate a crafty/arty person from each table to be in charge of creating a centrepiece to a theme!

Oooo finally…TEA LIGHTS. Always a winner at a wedding. Again you don’t have to buy fancy holders…more jars and glass ramekins are a great for housing little flickering fires. We bought our tealights from Amazon, but Ikea always do massive bags as well as the pound shops.

The tealight  holders we used were on their 4th wedding, handed on from Bride & Groom for free to the next to get married. We have them boxed up and ready to be handed on to anyone who is willing to keep on with this tradition, of keeping costs down for the happy couple! You can have them, if you are happy to come and get them from me in West Sussex and then pass them on in a similar FREE fashion. Let me know in a comment below (first come first served!)

Damerham village hall wedding reception

Don’t forget to ASK friends and family if they have the tealight holders/candelabras/fake ivy/ribbon/place card holders/reems and reems of fairy lights from their big day sat getting dusty in their garages and lofts. People keep loads from their wedding and buying new isn’t really necessary!

Hope this helps folks!


How To: Scrimp & Save on your Big Day: Venues

Where you have your marital shindig is often a big deal to most bride and grooms. Whether you fancy a big glamour-filled Georgian hotel or a rustic barn (ooo you hipsters you), there is a way to save cash at all turns….if you are willing to remember that THIS IS JUST A PARTY….yes…I am banging on about that again…your wedding is just a glorious party to share your love with your family & friends…it is not a film/OK magazine/a chance to outdo your sister/cousin/friend.


If you must have the big Georgian hotel….how about getting married out of season? March or October would be considerably cheaper or during the week. Be warned that you often can’t bring your own catering, which for us was a deal breaker as I knew I could make our own food work really hard and cost much less than a hotel would charge. (But hey…that’s a WHOLE other blog post).

If the rustic barn is more for you…do you know someone who owns a farm or has a family member got a massive garden you can pop a marquee in? We have had quite a few friends get ‘married from home’ in their parent’s gardens/tractor barns and they have been some of the most lovely weddings (and much more stressless as they have time to set up/clear out) I have been to. When it comes to venues on the cheap you need to be ready to think outside the box and rethink your ‘dreams’….you know….the one where you marry the one you love and live happily ever after…way way after your wedding day…

I actually arranged both venues (ceremony and reception) without P seeing either…because you know…I’m naughty and controlling like that. I only had one request from him, that they were light enough for photography…his main concern… le sigh.

Before we moved the wedding forward by 12 months due to my Grandmother’s health, I fell in love with a converted railway station where we could have held our reception. It was mostly wheelchair accessible for my father, it was perfect for my Hornby-mad husband to be (a hobby he inherited from his grandfather), it would be so photogenic….the thing that wasn’t perfect? The whopping £4,000 price tag to just get in the door. That was without catering, without furniture for the marquee, without a flipping dancefloor…. it tore my heart to realise that I just couldn’t let myself pay that for a ONE DAY party.

I begun to search for other unique wedding venues, as a hotel really wasn’t for us. One thing I did realise was that a good old village hall was the cheapest option for our reception. I searched the local areas for small and quaint village halls, and I struck gold with the tiny village of Damerham. The grounds had a river, complete with picturesque bridge and some gorgeous willows…and it cost us £425, from 6pm the night before till midnight on the day of the wedding and it was fully wheelchair accessible! BARGAIN.

Damerham village hall family wedding willowsOur ceremony venue was a little bit more expensive, at nearly a quarter of our budget, but as we aren’t religious, we decided that a village church really wasn’t for us. Yet we wanted something a little fun and a little different…and MY dealbreaker….to be able to walk next to my dad down the aisle.

We found the Medieval Hall in my hometown and booked it as soon as I had had a viewing. It felt so much like a church due to being built at the same time, but I got to have Bruno Mars ‘Marry You’ on my descent down the aisle and a song from The Muppets on the way out! And come on…it looks SO COOL!

1265724_10153182038730524_1806008068_o bride groom medieval hall salisbury

My advice….have a look at weird venues…. not ‘oooo that’s a bit odd…a barn’…..type of venues…have a look at museums, local landmarks, quirky pubs, cool restaurants if that is your thing. Do have an ask around if your family has a biggish garden and you think you could get a decent sized marquee in there…and a big tip… DON’T invite the world and his wife.

The more guests you have, the bigger the venue has to be, the more food you have to serve. We had a strict guestlist, which shrunk and shrunk. We only invited friends and family who made a difference in our lives. I wasn’t about to invite people I never see/talk to just to show off….that is completely the opposite of why you get married. We invited people who we thought would truly love to share our day with us. People who we didn’t care if they turned up in jeans and flip-flops, as long as they were there. People who would still think our day was great/magical/beautiful after I had cried my make-up off through THE ENTIRE CEREMONY and the fact we served crisps instead of canapes….you know the VITAL people who make us happy to be around. Our vitals ended up coming to around 85 people… mainly because my family is HUGE and P has about 300% more close friends than I do. It was a great number and we were able to fit medium-sized venues.

Salisbury Medieval Hall weddingMy next tip is to choose a venue that you don’t need to decorate (like our ceremony venue) or that you can decorate yourself (like our reception venue). Granted my reception venue may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I needed to house eating and dancing…that was it really….the fact that it was alright looking was a win!

Damerham Village Hall wedding receptionDamerham village hall wedding receptionI will be doing a BIG post of decor, as that is what I spent a LOT of the time running up to the wedding prepping….but for very little cash.

My FINAL tip is DON’T say it’s your wedding if you can help it. It bumps up the price threefold. Say something like ‘family party’ or ‘family celebration’.

Please, brides…I beg you…just remember your venue is to house the happiness…it is not the be all and end all.

Hope this has helped! Any questions? Pop them in the comments below!


How To: Do a DIY photobooth

Hold the actual phone…another ‘how to do something for cheap as chips when companies at wedding fairs want you to pay big bucks for it?’…that’s right kiddies! Put your purses away!

This time I am tackling the new big thing to have at weddings and parties…a photobooth.

Our photobooth went down a STORM at our big day…and it cost us nothing…zip…zilch…nada.


We set up a tripod with P’s camera on it, set to a 10 second timer. (A simple point and click will do…no need for a massive SLR).

We provided a suitcase full of fancy dress things. The hats, wigs, swords, glasses and whatnot where all from my dressing up box (yes…I know I am 26…but I have a suitcase of old fancy dress/halloween costumes in the loft!). If you don’t have a fancy dress box…you know…..because you are normal…then ask around…ask people with kids…. dig around and find that tiara from your hen do!

I made the word arrows and speech bubbles using card and a sharpie…easy as pie….and my wonderful brother-in-law printed off a few pieces and mounted them on sticks. I also sprayed an old picture frame gold and left it for people to use.

DIY photobooth how to

We used a curtained off wall (which was hiding gym apparatus) in our village hall and hung fairy lights over it to set the mood.

This cost us NOTHING to do….our friends and family just had to dress up, click the camera button, pose and then the camera did all the rest!

1167669_10153182062815524_660159396_o 1273492_10153182058490524_122474201_o 1262446_10153182060000524_446225493_o 1274243_10153182061695524_2080701729_o 1271139_10153182060350524_744291301_o 1268199_10153182063580524_1139644582_o 1274031_10153182058275524_209568305_o 1273893_10153182061035524_451318171_o1269555_10153182067350524_1895175080_o 1167125_10153182066760524_837562558_o 1233206_10153182064780524_1378312134_o 1271571_10153182060340524_1955787289_o 1233151_10153182061065524_1202595100_o

These are just a few of my favourite shots from our photobooth…… totally worth doing right?

I beg you not to PAY for this…that is mental when you could have this much fun for free.


How To: Scrimp & Save on your Big Day: The Wedding Party

Weddings are an expensive business. Mention ‘wedding’ when ordering anything for your big day and expect a massive hike in price. The average wedding now costs over £20,000.


£20,000 was our house deposit. Think about what you could use that money for…during your ACTUAL marriage… do you really want to blow it all on one day?

Let’s get this straight before we go any further…. If you are getting married to have a big old fancy schmancy wedding day…you are getting married for the wrong reason. If you are getting married to spend the rest of your life with the person you love…then that is another matter.

A wedding…..in my opinion….is a PARTY…yes a party… (I just lost two thirds of brides right there didn’t I?….) to celebrate the start of your married life. I would have happily married P on a Wednesday afternoon, in jeans and a t-shirt at a registry office, with just two witnesses off the street, because I wanted a marriage. Not a wedding….a marriage. The reason we did decide to celebrate with our families and friends is because we wanted to spend time with them and have a ruddy good knees up in the process.

We spent around £4,500 on our wedding…still a hefty chunk of money that we had to save to spend…and now in hindsight I can see ways that we could have slim-lined it even more….so that is where this blog series comes in I guess!

This is going to be a topic that I can ramble on about over several posts, so here is my first purse-puckering tip.

Have a small Wedding Party and shop your outfits clever

None of this 6 bridesmaids and groomsmen malarky… I decided early on that I didn’t want to spend most of my budget on clothes… because that is completely cuckoo.

So I decided to just have a Maid of Honour and a little flower girl. P had a Best Man and that was it.

budget bride keeping down the costs wedding party MOH flower girl brideBy doing this, I saved myself time, hassle and of course, money.

I understand that sometimes family will expect your cousin/sister/niece to be a bridesmaid, but it is YOUR day. Explain that you don’t want a large wedding party… I mean the organisation alone becomes a nightmare. Trying to get your 3 bridesmaids into town to look at dresses together is no mean feat…and then finding something that they AND you like? Keep it simple, keep it about what is important…you and your future spouse.

We actually ended up asking some family and friends to be part of our day in another way.

P’s sister and my oldest friend both did readings at the ceremony and a pair of good friends were our witnesses. My two youngest brothers gave out the Order of the Day at the ceremony, rather than us having any ushers (people know how to sit in chairs by themselves forgoodnesssake….) and they quite enjoyed having a little job to do.

I was able to let Lauren (my amazing MOH) choose whatever she wanted to wear. This made dress hunting sooooo stressless for me…because she looks fab in everything….and we didn’t have to match her with anybody else! I ended up getting her a designer dress in the sale at knock down price. She wore her own shoes and put real flowers in her hair that she bought the night before.

My little flower girl’s dress came from Primark, as did her headband, and she wore shoes she already owned and felt comfy in. There is NOTHING worse than putting new uncomfy shoes on a little one…and the pink glitter looked fab. Her little outfit cost £15 all in all. Please consider a cheap and cheerful option for little bridesmaids…they are just going to want to roll around on the floor during the reception anyway….

We also bought P’s suit in the sale 11 months before the wedding, and got him two pairs of trousers so he could then use it for work afterwards. He hated having to put on his old suit for meetings when he had a nice new shiny one there hanging right next to it, but he managed! He wore his nice work shoes, which he had only bought 6 months before the wedding as his old ones fell apart. My shoes were the only ones we bought in fact…and they cost me £20 from Debenhams. If we had bought all the shoes for the wedding party we would have spent around £150…. that is wine money right there….

budget bride saving money at your wedding party groom bride suitWe decided to just get matching ties for the Groom, Best Man and Dads. The option of hiring/buying 4 matching suits didn’t work for us, and I wasn’t really bothered about it. It wasn’t a deal breaker for me. It was in fact money better spent on feeding and watering our guests. The gents wore their own suits and they all looked very handsome.

Now a little confession…my dress….gulp….My grandmother has insisted since the day I could walk that she would buy my wedding dress and refused to hear any other option. So my dress was our wedding gift from her and my grandfather. Rest assured, it was not a £2,000 frock. That wouldn’t have sat well with me and I couldn’t have beared to wear anything too expensive it for fear of breaking it! I have however factored the cost I would have paid for a wedding dress into my end £4,500 budget.

My veil was my mothers from her marriage to my father, I just had to replace the comb, which was the easiest sewing job ever. I already had a clear plastic comb laying around too, so that was completely free. Veils unlike dresses, don’t really change much with fashion. See if a family member has one in the loft/top of the wardrobe!

My main advice for tiaras/sparkley head gear for brides is to avoid, avoid, AVOID the bridal shops. They are RIDICULOUSLY expensive. Keep your peepers peeled in Accessorize, New Look, Primark and the like, especially around prom/school leavers season. I know it is your special day…but you are going to wear the thing once and then put it in a box for all eternity…does it really matter if it cost £5 from Claire’s Accessories? I actually borrowed the clip in my hair from Lauren and wore it as my ‘something borrowed’. Don’t be frightened to ASK… most people are honoured to lend something for such a special day. I also borrowed P’s Mum’s pearls for the ceremony.

So I guess to sum up this post…when it comes to the people involved in the ceremony…keep it light. For your own sanity….

Then shop the sales…wedding planning takes quite a while so you should hit at least one sale seasons whilst you are planning…unless you are those AMAZING people who can plan it within 2 months…

And don’t be frightened to borrow/rewear items you already own….I took my leather jacket to wear in case I got cold, rather than buying a bolero/shrug…my earrings were a gift from two christmasses ago….weddings really should not be about buying EVERYTHING brand new….that’s insane….and if it’s ALL brand new is it really reflecting you?

I am not saying don’t mark a special day…before I get a barrage of ‘miserly’ comments…it’s about marking it in a way that you don’t bankrupt yourself for the rest of your marriage.

I am going to be doing quite a few of these sorts of posts covering venues, decor, food etc etc….I did start to write it as one long entry then I realised what a monumental post that would be! If you want to request a subject, something you are concerned about…feel free to pop a comment below.

Fingers crossed this has helped a few of you!